Dana: Silva vs. Randy solution!

Dana, I've been thinking about how to make Silva vs. Couture happen since you've stated that you'd only allow the fight to go ahead if it was in the UFC. Well, here's how it could work: best of three!

That's right, I said best of three! One fight in each organization, and TWO wins are needed by either fighter to unify the titles! If one fighter wins two in a row then he's the champ and no third fight is needed, but if a third is required then it happens in the organization of whichever fighter won his fight FASTEST. You know it makes sense and IMO it would be stupid of you not to go ahead with this. It may be unusual, sure, but it's the only way to settle who the best LHW fighter on Earth is. We have two great champions for the first time ever in MMA, don't deny the fans this historical matchup!


Praise only on this thread, please.

"You know it makes sense"

Not really

What else should the UFC do, have Randy fight Chuck again? LOL!

Makes no sense and is unnecessary. Randy has one fight left on his contract. After he fights Chuck again, he can get a massive payday to fight Silva in Pride whether Zuffa wants him to or not. Then he can stay in Pride, return to the UFC, or retire as he sees fit.


Match 1- Regular Rules
Match 2- Hell In a Cell
match 3- Tables Ladders and chairs

lol maybe they could have submissions an ko's count anywhere, in the conssesion stand, the bathrooms, the parking lot or the octagon.

hold it in the octoganal ring used in THE BEST (I WISH ALL PRIDES WERE IN IT)