Dana White In Next Months Playboy

didn't see any threads on this... in the preview of next month's playboy, dana white's bald mug is feature as the issue's 20 questions personality:

"20 Rounds With Dana White"

The Ultimate Fighting Championship impresario claims that John McCain saved his sport and that Joe Rogan can kick your ass.

least rogan's ego won't be the biggest thing in the issue with all them fake titties...

will we see his blaf ?

HAHAHAHAAH... I think they airbrushed it out... along with is herpes sores...

"Will Matt Hughes be licking Dana's nuts? "

Short answer... Yes.

herpes sores in iowa are called scrapple...

John McCain saved the sport????

fuck mccain!!!!

McCain on the next cover of rolling stone nailed to crucifix...


kanye west


what is this "Playboy" you speak of?

what is this "Playboy" you speak of?