Dana White...Make Cormier vs Nelson fight @ 215

This fight does nothing to advance Cormier if it's at HW. He already beat Mir, Nelson is a step down and he won't fight Cain understandably.

This fight should be at a catch weight of 215. Both guys should fight at LHW and this would be a step in the right direction. CC wants to drop down, Roy not so much. How you could convince Roy I don't know. It seems everyone but him knows he could be a force at 205.

Dana I don't want free tickets or to go out to dinner. Just make this fight at a catch weight of 215.

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215 may be a bit too much, how about at like 223? Roy Nelson cutting to 215 is asking a lot.

Edit DC not CC, I think given time 215 is reasonable but 220 works also... Phone Post 3.0

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All these people asking for catch weight fights for DC are fucking idiots. Why would any fighter in their right mind want to accommodate DC on his way to LHW. It's just fucking stupid. If he wants to fight at 205, go on a damn diet and make the weight... If not fight Hwt. Phone Post 3.0

Roy is not a small HW and considering he's had a lot of success at his weight (he's the official #5 contender for fuck's sake) it's unreasonable to ask him to cut to that amount, even with that belly. If this was a 240 catchweight that would at least be plausible for Nelson but would do nothing for Cormier. So no, bad match-up. I would have said Cormier vs. Forrest Griffin if he hadn't retired (Griffin is gigantic for a LHW).

Anyway I don't think it's a bad idea for Cormier to do a catchweight fight at 215 or 220, but he needs to face either a really big LHW or one of the smaller HWs. If Stipe Miocic beats Nelson at UFC 162? then that would be a good match-up. No idea though.

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lol this thread is full retard



Roy is never dropping down to 205, end of story.

and if there ever was a chance at that happening it went out the window when a large part of the mma community and Dana were pushing it. Roy is his own man and always goes against the grain. Phone Post

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lol this thread is full retard


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I don't think a 100k people on Facebook could get Nelson to cut to 205... Phone Post 3.0