Dana white owns Wanderlai (vid)


I dont know how to embed the clip, so if anyone wants to tell me......

a few mins into the interview he says he saw wanderlai yesterday at an autograph signing and put a ufc hat on his head and he says silva looked like he wanted to fucking kill him. LOL. owned. Personally I find Dana funny, but hate on...........

TTT for Silva killing Dana.

PS Dana your show had one decent fight aside from that is was just terrible.

LMAO I love Dana Fucking White

Fucking Dana White gives great mother fucking interviews. I am so fucking impressed i am honestly blown the mother fuck away from Dana's fucking presence. And the fucking way he fucked with Vanderlay by putting on a mother fuckin UFC HAT on top of that fucks head made me fall out of my fucking chair and break my fucking neck. Fuck.

ttt for fuck

dana's great. sometimes he's a little too real and could be more
professional, has a bit of an ego but you know hes a fan and he pours his
heart into this. same with rogan. I dont know why people give them so
much grief. gotta hate something i guess...

"yeah, Dana sure owned him there"

he did, didn't he.

The issue is that it doesn't seem natural coming out of his mouth. When Samuel Jackson says "fuck", it's as natural as breathing. Dana over-emphasizes it like he's trying the word out for the first time--- as in "I will see whether this makes me sound coarse & tough".

He's amped on Xyience.

TTT for Blaf... Fuck

I thought it was one of his better performances.

Dana is about as classy as the fans that were at UFC 68 in white-trashville....

LOL @ "i went over and fucked with him today"

ttt for the dana

Who cares if he is classy or not moron?


Dana comes off as such a prick in most of his interviews. He acts like Vanderlei is trash now cause he's lost to two top guys in the MMA world.

Why doesn't he just go ahead and let Chuck move up in weight class and take on Cro Cop so he can still Chuck's spirit the way he stole Silva's.

lol how is putting a UFC hat on him acting like he is trash.

i would love to fight for that guy. he seems like a good guy, a mans man...thats probably why some of the UG sissies dont like him...to masculine.


Man, I think Dana White might have been sending a shout out to Reggie Warren! "Like he wanted to fuckin Keel me!"

There might be some reasons to Dislike Dana White, and Ive seen none of them in that interview.

He looked pretty cool to me.

People should give more respect to the MMA Saviour.

Honestly, if not for him, UFC would have been long dead, and Pride wouldve been dead in a few years.