Dana White rips Paulo Costa for 'horrible performance'

UFC boss Dana White has no sympathy for middleweight contender Paulo Costa, who pulled out of his scheduled August fight because he said he wouldn’t be paid enough.

I am a big fan of Paulo’s style. Want to see him in the mix.

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The egg is right, costa needs to man up and stop being a whiny baby.

A signed contract is a signed contract.

I wonder if toxoplasmosis is to blame?

Promoter bashing his own fighter…always a great look.

Costa initiated this. Dana is right on this one.

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Logan Paul beat up Costa in training

I know Dana can’t help himself, but a good boss praises in public and criticizes in private.

I agree with this to a point especially at pressers, BUT Costa made this public not Dana.

Ha, uncle Dana does this every time a fighter goes militant.


The signed contract they honor only when they feel like it.

Nate “gave him the talk”