Dana White talks steroids

Dana White talks steroids

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The NFL actually has year-round random testing.

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Wow.. 4 posts and no Dana bashing yet!!?!


dana sucks... plus he smells. He also makes bald people look bad.

"The NFL actually has year-round random testing. "

Good call. Contrary to Dana'a statements, (some) NFL players are tested before games, as well as between games and in the off season.

Fighters do face the toughest penalties, but they have a relatively easy testing schedule.

And, more importantly, his claims about NFL drug testing are inaccurate. A fighter can cycle correctly to avoid testing positive post-fight but a football player faces year-round random testing.

Better get that shit under control. Steroids are sport killers.

Nobody likes a cheater.

Exactly, Dana could implement random testing in between fights for all guys under UFC contract. I'm pretty sure that would clean up the sport much moreso than stoning anyone to death.

"Fighters do face the toughest penalties"

The overwhelming majority of sports have a 2 mandatory ban for a first offense and a mandatory lifetime ban for a second.

Fighters typically get a year which means missing 2-3 fights assuming they stayed healthy.

The NFL actually has year-round random testing.

B/c people actually care about the NFL.

Random is the key word with the NFL. i do not for a moment think that anyone that everyone really thinks is juicing gets "randomly" tested all that often.

Besides, NFL'ers have enough money for the high end designer drugs and hGH, its not like they are going to test positive anyway, unless they go cheap.

But every year there are NFL players who test positive for steroids, including All-Pro Shawne Merriman, a guy who certainly has enough money for designer anabolics or growth hormone.

If the fix was on, do you think the league would let one of the best players embarrass himself and his organization like that?

The NFL is all about public relations. That's why Vick and Pac Man are getting suspended before guilt is established. They have the best doping policy in professional sports because they actually have random year-round testing.

Dana has the power to implement a similar policy for the UFC.


"They have the best doping policy in professional sports because they actually have random year-round testing."

Please, cycling, soccer, track and field, and almost every sport that is part of the Olympic movement has a better policy.

Cycling is full of dopers and the Olympic movement is comprised of amateur sports. I'd like to see professional sports adopt WADA regulations but that outcome is unlikely.


I don't know why people expect Dana to act against his self-interest. Random testing would just thin the herd of eligible fighters.

It's in Dana/UFC's best interest to have the largest pool of fighters possible.

If the current penalties don't deter fighters, I don't know why random testing would either.