Dana White vs Jake Paul who wins?

Dana White is the KING.

He is the best promoter in the world. Slaughtering any competition and taking MMA to unrivaled heights. A multi-billionaire Dana White is not a man you want to mess with. He has no competition. He is the reigning undisputed king.

After years of reigning someone has finally stepped up the the plate and is willing to get in an octagon with Dana. His name is Jake Paul.

Jake Paul has no fear. Undefeated as a boxer he has already decided to take out the big show himself Dana White. A man many fear and for good reason. If you go up against the big bad Dana White you are almost certainly going to be slaughtered and knocked out bad. White at 53 has the experience of knocking out any man he’s ever faced and I’m sure he knows exactly how to beat Jake Paul.

This is going to be a come up to game plans. Does Jake Paul have the perfect plan to take out the much older White who has built an empire?

It took Dana a long time to build the UFC up to where it is now. Can Jake find a way to to destroy that? Or will Dana White easily dispose of Mr Paul? We will most certainly find out as I do not see room for both of them. One of them is certainly dropping and I think it will be soon.


Dana via KO at plus odds