danger zone(?) results from 4/10 ?

at lakeside casino in osceola this past saturday? i was ringside but slightly inebriated. anyone know. if anyone can get the results i will do my best for a fight description on each (or the best that i can remember or makeup).

sheesh nobody knows?

April 10th, 2004

Dangerzone Professional Level Cage Fighting Event

Lakeside Casino in Osceola, Iowa

Match by Match Results:

Match 1: Mixed Martial Arts
Lance Evans vs. Brett Lindberg
Winner - Evans 1st round submission 4:55

Match 2: Mixed Martial Arts
Paul Bowers vs. Matt Bear
Winner - Bear 2nd round submission 2:21

Match 3: Mixed Martial Arts
Tyrone Roberts vs. Dave Vitkay
Winner - Vitkay 1st round Knockout 4:05

Match 4: Mixed Martial Arts
George Crawford vs. Eric Lambert
Winner - Crawford 1st round Knockout 2:05

Match 5: Mixed Martial Arts
Dennis Reed vs. Rashad Evans
Winner - R. Evans 1st round submission :50

Match 6: Mixed Martial Arts
Danny Anderson vs. Joe Stern
Winner - Anderson 1st round submission 3:21

Match 7: Mixed Martial Arts
Matt Torres vs. Bryan Bressler
Winner - Torres 1st round Knockout 1:41

Match 8: Mixed Martial Arts
Mark Long vs. Mark Bear
Winner - Bear 1st round submission 1:27

Match 9: Mixed Martial Arts
Travis Fulton vs. Ivan Carbella
Winner - Fulton 1st round submission :32

Match 10: Mixed Martial Arts
Dan Severn vs. Greg Lockhart
Winner - Severn 2nd round submission 1:45

Match 11: Mixed Martial Arts
Matt Bear vs. Lance Evans
Winner - Bear 1st round Knockout :18

Match 12: Mixed Martial Arts
George Crawford vs. Dave Vitkay
Winner - Vitkay 1st round submission 4:39

Match 13: Mixed Martial Arts
Rashad Evans vs. Danny Anderson
Winner - Evans 1st round submission 3:09

Match 14: Mixed Martial Arts
Matt Torres vs. Mark Bear
Winner - Torres 1st round submission 4:54

thanks travis! i will try to recall some details in a bit.

Actually Tyrone was doing really well so I went downstairs to get ready for my fight. Then somebody came down and said that Tyrone got KOed. My uncle took a pic of it. It was a huge left leg roundhouse.


I watched the fight last night Dave is on of my training partners.He has a bright future ahead of him.Dave is getting better every day.

i talked to dave after the fight and he was a very nice kid. he told me he was intimidated a little bit by tyrone and wasnt sure he could hurt him. tyrone looked like he was in control and was taking his time. dave kept kicking low and the next kick came and tyrone thought it was going to his leg again, and dropped his hands. the kick hit him solid in the head and he was out on his feet. that had to be one hell of a kick because tyrone is tough as a two dollar steak.

i was looking back at the results, and i will be damned if i can remember what happened in all of those fights. i will have to watch the tape of my friends fight to even remember how his fights went. sorry.

That kick was really loud.On the tape it looked like it hit Tyrone right on the jaw.He set it up nice like you said he was throwing low kicks most of the fight then after the little punch combo he threw a left high round house.