Daniel´s Fight @ Pride SP?

Could someone tell me about the fight between Daniel and Sakata? I know he won via armbar, but I would like to know more details.

A lot of you don´t like Daniel, but I think he is a good fighter. He will trade if he´s standing, and tries to be active on the ground. The problem is that he has been matched up with fighters that only wanted to tie him down because he is so strong. He is kind of unpredictable also, because he can be great on one day, and not so good on the other, but once he gains more experience in the ring, I believe he will be really good.

One word can sum it up, boring.

I was looking for a little more than just one word. Anyone else?

Was there even enough time for it to be boring??? He won via submission in the first round, how could it have been boring? Maybe if he had won by "manslaughter" you would have found it more exciting?