Darrel Gholar DVD

I got a copy from WWW.ONTHEMAT.COM a few months ago and decided to give a review.

As a fighter and grappler who never wrestled in his formative years, I try to pick up as many training aids as possible. This DVD has by far helped me the most.

Gohlar breaks down wrestling into what he calls "The 7-9-5's. 7 basic wrestling control points, 9 most basic takedowns- 9 defenses from being taken down, and (most important for me) 5 basic takedowns that have been proven effective in NHB.

The information on the DVD is great. I picked up a ton of stuff that I used in my very next training session. There was no "super techniques" that looked flashy, but are hard to execute or plain just dont work, everything is basic and to the point. Gohlar speaks very clearly and explains things very well. It felt like every time I had a question about something in my head, Gohlar would already be explaining what I was thinking. All bases seemed to be covered.

I made sure and watch this a couple of times with some accomplished wrestlers, to get their opinions. Every one of them said the techniques are solid and were explained correctly.

Ive checked out alot of training tapes and Ive trained with a ton of top guys and this DVD is something I try to check out at least once a week. I dont have illusions of being a world level wrestler, but this DVD has definetly cleaned and improved my wrestling game. For those of you who are trying to better your wrestling I HIGHLY recomend getting a copy of this DVD.

Is this the one with Danny Ives as his "dummy"?

Yeah Scotty gave me a copy of the DVD last month. I really enjoyed all thye moves he showed. And the drills that he showed are AWESOME! Its a double disc DVD so its worth the cash in my opinion



good review, I'll have to check it out.

I was thinking about buying it...you just made my mind up. Thanks

TTT for a very good training aid

Terrific DVDs!

This is on the "want" list...