Datsik getting in shootout over business and frogs

On Thursday night, the famous MMA fighter Vyacheslav Datsik said that they shot him at the house of businessman Andrei Bobylev.

"Bobylev left his souvenir frogs in the office of the company," said Datsik to matchtv.ru. - I took these frogs, came to his house and put them in front of the gate. At that moment they began to shoot me - I can assume that from a pump-action shotgun. Do not hit. Now we have called the police, we have been waiting an hour.

On Friday, we contacted Datsik to find out how the story ended. He spoke in detail about what had happened.

Datsik - Deputy General Director of Eurotract LLC. The company is engaged in construction, repair, road surfaces. The Eurotract is led by businessman Valery Shalimov, whom the fighter calls his uncle. The corporation was registered in 2014, 51 percent of the shares went to Shalimov, 49 percent to Bobylev.

According to Datsik, Bobylev now has nothing to do with Eurotract, however, as the fighter claims, he withdrew "all property" from the company using fake bills. Datsik calls a businessman a fraud. "Bobylev was overlaid with lawsuits and debts from all sides, and he begins to get naughty at all," says Red Tarzan. 

Late Thursday evening, Datsik went to Bobylev's house - in the city of Novoselye (Lomonosov district of the Leningrad region) - to give back the statues of frogs and the goddess Themis, which the businessman left in the office of the company.

"He is a fan of eastern superstitions," said the fighter. - He bought a full office of different frogs. In one of the frogs they found a wiretap. Uncle Valera is like, to hell with these frogs? Moreover, these are Bobylev's things. He fled, and left his frogs.

- One frog is large half-meter, and others are smaller. I brought them all to Bobylev home. I didn't go into his house, but began to put these frogs in front of the gate. And this moron from pump shotgun (it became confirmed later, police officers found cartridges) began to get naughty at me. Shot three or four times. Bullets whizzed over my head. I told him: "Why are you such a moron? Come on, go out and shoot me point blank. They are already waiting for you at prison! " Naturally, I used obscene language - when you get shot, it's hard to speak censored language.

- We stayed in place, called the police upon the shooting. He needed to find a pretext, and somewhere he found a dummy grenade - the police drove to us for more than an hour. Threw out this fake thing and said that he shot at me becuase of a grenade.

"Did he run out of the house?"

- No, he didn't run out of the house. He opened the window and began to shoot from the second floor. And then he put a grenade under the frog, which I put right next to the gate. He wiped his fingers, but all the same, there probably remained genetic material. Although the police were not particularly puzzled. The grenade turned out to be a dummy, they are not interested.

Datsik wrote a statement to the police on Bobylev. At the same time, according to the fighter, at the moment the businessman was not detained. Vyacheslav himself is now in Moscow.

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this should be made into a feature film

Boom Boom Mancino -

this should be made into a feature film

Anything translated from Russian always makes a better story. 

"And this moron from pump shotgun began to get naughty at me" 


That's poetry right there