Datsik has eaten his criminal case documents


The most popular inhabitant of Slantsy, Vyacheslav Datsik, hopes that he will be assisted by deputies of the regional ZakSa, the main Communist of Russia Zyuganov and the odious vsevolozhsky parliamentarian Eduard Chirko. Before he destroyed the concrete walls of the walking yard in Kresty with his forehead and complained about secular lioness Ksenia Sobchak, today he simply frightens the investigator with his teeth.

According to 47news, there was a failed investigator's attempt to familiarize with the criminal case materials of Slate native Vyacheslav Datsik, known as Red Tarzan, who was arrested in May 2016. According to 47news, he was recently presented with another examination in the investigation room, but Datsik found no other way to express his position, except by eating it. They say that the investigator managed to snatch the remains of documents from his mouth, but the procedural document is no longer subject to restoration.

As they commented to us in the detention center number 1, "we also warned employees coming to him from the will, that he should not be released from the cage installed in the office."

According to our data, this popular participant of fights without rules hopes for a dictatorship of law. So, he is sure that the leader of the Communist Party Gennady Zyuganov, in his example, is fighting for the morality of society, and even sent to him his next appeal about the illegality of the existence of brothels.

Recall, it were brothels that Datsik began to fight so actively after liberation in March last year that he first defeated the Tolerance House in the Petrogradsky district of St. Petersburg, and then brought with him an escort of naked prostitutes from the salon on Vasilievsky.

Also, Datsik periodically recalls that during his previous stay in the detention center he got acquainted with the odious deputy of Vsevolozhsk district Eduard Chirko and believes that for Eduard Mikhailovich these are unforgettable days. So he's surprised why Chirko does not help him. Among other things, Slava hopes that deputies of the Legislative Assembly of the Leningrad Region will help him; they, in his opinion, can make a statement about the injustice of his conclusion.

Recall, the isolation of the Red Tarzan began in May 2016, when he raided a brothel on Vasilievsky Island and the boutique hotel "Graftio" on the Petrograd side.

By the way, Datsik has long ago turned to the appealing to well-known people in the country. So, during his previous stay in the "Crosses", he complained about the leader of "House-2" Ksenia Sobchak. The curves of Anfisa Chekhova and the work of porn director Bob Jack were also not giving him any peace. It is not new in his life to express emotions with the help of physical forces. In the walking yard of "Crosses" he broke his forehead with his forehead.

So, in our opinion, compared to past actions, today Datsik behaves extremely calmly. As for eating the materials of the criminal case, then there may also be different versions. For example, one of the employees of the UFSIN in St. Petersburg and Leningrad region promised the journalist: "We thought and decided to feed him better."

Red Tarzen is going to eat.

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that would suck breaking your forehead with your forehead

Datsik is just a bit eccentric. No real malice in him. 

Outlaw'd by Lytle -

Datsik is just a bit eccentric. No real malice in him. 

You might be onto something


With Datsik personally trained well-known member of the forum Max Ivanov, knows him well. It's a pity he has not written here for a long time. He said that although as a fighter he was very dangerous, but in character he is a kind, naive, silly guy, without cunning and meanness ... What is now and why, hell knows, most likely, pawn in someone's game


He may be crazy but he has GOAT penmanship, so he gets a pass.

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He's the guy at that tour of the paper mill wearing a Silence of the Lambs mask

Ozamataz Buckshank - He may be crazy but he has GOAT penmanship, so he gets a pass.

Was going to post about that, guy writes like a 16th century scribe.

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 "Before he destroyed the concrete walls of the walking yard in Kresty with his forehead"

Hard headed man.

odious, simply, odious.

God I love these translations. The next MMA promotion should be called FWR (Fights Without Rules).

Also "the secular lioness" would be an awesome nickname for a chick fighter.