Dave Beneteau sighting

Not like it means much, but I thought it was kind of funny.

I was channel-surfing the other day and suddenly saw Dave Beneteau on TV. I thought "Cool, they're interviewing an MMA fighter for some reason".....Turned out he was one of several random people some Toronto news station interviewed asking if they were stressed out over X-Mas shopping.

It looked like he was in Downtown Toronto.....I'm wondering if he moved to Toronto after he became a lawyer, or if he's just visiting.

I believe he is living there now.

was he stressed out???

I met with him about a year ago in Toronto. He was articling at the time. I believe he has since moved to London to practice law (from what I understand). Very well spoken individual.

I saw him this summer, and he told me he was working in downtown Toronto, but that might have been a short term thing.

I saw Dave at a restaurant down town TO not long ago. Had a hot blond with him.