Dave Metzler says 29 Ufc fighters get ppv bonuses

 who do you think they are? These are the ones I'm fairly certain do

Brock lesnar- not sure if he inclued him so I did

Cain Velasquez

Alistair Overeem

Jon Jones

Lyoto Machida

Rampage Jackson

Rashad Evans

Shogun Rua

Rich Franklin

Anderson Silva

Dan Henderson


Matt Hughes

Tito Ortiz

BJ Penn

Forrest Griffin

Michael Bisping

Nick Diaz

Big Nog



Those are guys I'm fairly certain of but the rest I have no clue.

Edit-added Big Nog, JDS and Vitor because of mkou and Chris.



JDS now?

Big Nog and Vitor come to mind also.
Jose Aldo and Uriah Faber are potential guys too.

 Can you post a source to him saying this....just looking for the context.

I was under the impression that all "Main Event" fighters on PPV got a piece.

Was he saying that of ALL the fighters on the roster, only 29 WOULD get a PPV cut, or more like in 2011 there were 29 fighters who DID get a cut???

mkou - Big Nog and Vitor come to mind also.
Jose Aldo and Uriah Faber are potential guys too.

Cruz as well, is it too early to assume Cruz/Aldo get buys?

Edgar now as well.

Carwin? Phone Post

 Well here is the direct quote from that link:


--For those wondering, UFC has 29 fighters who have built in percentages of PPV revenue worked into their contract."

Thanks for clarifying :-)

I think it is safe to assume that more than just those 29 CAN recieve PPV cuts, and that those are just the fighters who negotiated it inot their contracts. So probably safe to make a list of the biggest "draws" in the UFC, as they are the ones with the negotiating power.