Man, what the hell? Dave's got all the tools, but where's his fire?! Where is the Crow? I'm very upset. I expect more from a fighter as talented as him. When's he gonna start fighting in round 1? I'm sick of seeing him start working two minutes into the last round and then losing. This is BS.

Yeah man, thats kinda dumb. I think he was all about the counter punching when he should had been pressing on. Swick is quick though and it's hard to land some blows if he's constantly punching you back super fast right afterwards.

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Honestly going into the fight I didn't think counter punching, and looking for openings would be a bad strategy because I thought Swick would leave the opnenings with his agressive style and that Loiseau could find his chin, but you have to be able to adapt and ready to change if that strategy isn't looking to be successful. Swick used his reach and distance well, and Loiseau needed to force that fight to take away that reach advantage, and in the clinch I would have liked to have seen Loiseau actively agressively going after more takedowns, but it seemed like he was content to just lean on Swick against the cage. Swick is no stand out wrestler by any means, and a guy like Loiseau should not be out classsed by him in that department.

As one of the bigger supporters of Loiseau, it's disappointing to see, because he clearly had what it took to beat Swick. He is clearly one of the most dangerous guys out there when he lets his offense go, but I just dont know if his mental game will ever allow him to fully put it all together, and the last thing I want to do is come off like I'm trying to disrespect him or kick him when he's down, but looking at it objectively how else can you really put it.


I just want to see that guy who fought Jesse Jones.

unfortunatley David did look tentative and gunshy and I couldn't help but think it was do to the brutal beating he took vs Rich.
he seemed to loosen up in the 3rd as maybe he got more confident and less concerned with getting tagged.

I hope David bounces back and shows how great he really can be.

I'm a big fan of The Crow and his entertaining style.