David Avellan discusses training Kimbo Slice

Pretty dry interview, but he tells how he and his brother came to train Kimbo.



Captain Block - quit spamming this crap everywhere playwrite, this isnt a forum for advertising

Your allegation of spamming is untrue. You owe me and other bluenamers, those of us who support the sport, an apology.

I guess I can give up on any apology from this guy. Oh well, I'm sure he'll be banned soon enough.

TTT for Big Dave!

jigsawG - look at Tatit's profile pic on sherdog man looks in much better shape

Yeah, pretty big difference.


wow tait blew up

Has Tait been living it up with over-the-hill pornstars since TUF ended? Looks like it.

Sherdog says that 1-3 Chad Herrick KOed him last night. :( Was Herrick a replacement for Harper?

Congratulations to Chad on going 2-3!

How come there is only one guy on that posture and 4 girls? It two guys to fight, y'know.

 Did he stop doing push ups?

Do you have any other details on the fight, Sanders?


Shouldn't this thread be about Kimbo?


LOL@Carson saying Tait looks like Dave Attell. Tait looks way worse, Bob!

Okay, slightly worse.