David Lee Abbott is Psycho

Not only that,but he has had a liver & kidney transplant.

Here is his wife Sally.


Tank has said he has been wise with his money, Tank did really well in WCW in particular. Eric Bischoff loved the crossover and paid Tank a shit ton of money.

So much so in a shoot for Hannibal.Tv Hannibal and Tank didn’t discuss exact salaries but did discuss how Tank was actually topping Ric Flair on the payroll for his time in WCW. This is both a testament to WCW’s stupidity and the amount of money Tank made has to be at least 2 million… 2-4 million.

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His WCW contract was $850,000 per year for 3 yrs.

They didnt even use him the last year or so and he still got the check.

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Flair is making a hell of a lot less than I thought in WCW at that time? That’s about 2.5 mill than for Tank?.. Hall, Nash and Hart were getting 3-4 million for 3 years? I figure Flair would have been a shit ton.

WCW didnt have a pattern down and threw out some whack ass contracts. Weird guys made more than an veteran like Arn Anderson for example.

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I heard that it was $300,000 a year.This site says $650,000

Tank Abbott ($650,000)

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Flair was (iirc) 500k per year in the 90s.

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Im pretty sure Frank Shamrock has told a couple stories about tank wanting to bang as well

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