David Loiseau: "I am back home."

Source: http://www.versus.com/nw/article/view/77632/?UserDef=true&catID=2200&tf=ariel_helwani.tpl

Great to talk to "the Crow" again about his return to the UFC.

“I really feel like (the UFC) is my home,” Loiseau told Versus.com earlier today. “I feel like I took a long trip away from my house, and now I am back home.

“I always had faith (that he would return to the UFC).”

Check 'er out! thanks...

 Ariel TTT

Justinmacd - Why isn't Ariel with a bigger MMA site. He has some of the best scoops and interviews out there.

I agree why is he not with anyone bigger?

Thanks guys, but why so down on Versus.com? I know it's a new place for MMA news and all, but soon we will rule all! (Or something like that...)

 ttta 4 the crow!


Welcome back home Crow

I'm glad he's back, his upcoming fight with Herman is going to be a good one.

rmbjj - i thought he was the next big thing, until rich took something from him, i really hope he gets it back! hes a great fighter and a great person, we met him in vegas at mandalay bay after the couture vs. gonzaga fight.

Yeah Rich took something from him, his soul.


Versus.com is a pretty big fucking deal, guys.

JDolo -  I think Loiseau's soul is still there.  Clearly those who think he was beaten beyond recovery against Rich  have no idea what he has been doing the last year and a half or so to improve his game.

Clearly Rich Franklin's nuthuggers need to give themselves something to feel good about, so they like to relive Franklin's out dated success and make ridiculous and ignorant claims. The only one who had their soul taken from them was Rich Franklin, thats owned by Anderson Silva.  Karma's a bitch. 

You and I both know Loiseau never was the same fighter after that fight with Rich.


He is still a badass that nobody wants to take an elbow off the head from. Bad matchup for a lot of fighters.

"FIrst one starting with Ed Herman."

lol, yes. But Ed seems to be able to pull something out of his ass every second or third fight he has. Def will be a slick armbar if he beats David.

Justinmacd - Why isn't Ariel with a bigger MMA site. He has some of the best scoops and interviews out there.

 forget the site...versus is an actually high def cable channel that shows a fair amount of mma.  sounds like a cool gig to me.  I used to check mmarated after every big event for his interviews and versus is bigger than that site.

ttt for ariel