Dayton Ohio: Place to Train

Say Guys,
Happy New Year! I'll be in Dayton Ohio from the 15th of January to the 2nd of February. I am looking for a place to train Jiu Jitsu. Any suggestions?

I certainly appreciate any guidance. Aloha!!

BeaverCreek MA - Mike Patt is the head instructor there and he is a great teacher. Givem a call he'll probabbly cut ya a deal since you will only be there for 2 weeks.

Mahalo for the lead!

I'm from Dayton, but I don't know of any good places, sorry.

But ttt anyway.

Oh wait, if you want to take about a 40 minute drive to middletown you can train jorge gurgel's school.

Jorge moved his school from Middletown to West Chester which is by Cincy. Mike Patt's school is an affiliated school of JGMMA and Mike is one of Jorge's top students. His school is right next to Dayton

Cool Man!, now to figure out where to go and party!

Patt's & Robert Walker's Submission Academy are the spots. They work together.

Mahalo Mike! you know if their academy is in Dayton?  I just did a search and could not find them.

Mike Patt's website

Robert Walkers website

both are great places to work out