DC only 1 inch taller than rogan...

on tv it looks that way

isnt rogan like 5 6

maybe 2

Looks more like 3-4 inches to me...

Rogan wears 3 inch heels. Phone Post 3.0

Gotta to go to sole hub now Phone Post 3.0

Rogan admitted in a thread here several years ago that he wears 3 inch heels. I'd never find the thread because it was about something else, if I recall correctly.

heavyweightmma - Looks more like 3-4 inches to me...

lol no

didnt look that way

they were looking similar

maybe heels didnt think of that

LOL we went from 1" to 3-4" in a couple of posts.  Crazy how people see things differently.  I'll go with 2 inches.

BIG POWERFUL TAKEDOWNS!! - Dana Phone Post 3.0

i said looked like 1 inch on tv

which makes sense if rogan is wearing 3 inch womens shoes

Still gonna beat Jones.

hope so

LOL DC is 5"11 (Officially), where are you getting 5"4???