DCA’s nightmare: CSAC is about to get audited


A potentially nightmarish scenario for Department of Consumer Affairs head honchos Denise Brown and Awet Kidane, along with the folks at DCA’s legal department … if the politicians are willing to reveal the skeletons in the closet.


Assemblyman Luis Alejo, whose efforts at pushing AB2100 failed, has gotten his CSAC audit request approved by the Joint Legislative Audit Committee.


Given the recent troubles surrounding accounting & loan practices for special funds in the state of California, the status of the boxer’s pension & neurological funds is a real touchy subject. There’s quite a bit of cash available for politicians to misuse, either in administrative costs or by juggling the numbers to hide any potential loans from other DCA departments with the funds.


We applaud Assemblyman Alejo’s request for an audit of the athletic commission. I suspect there’s more than a few agencies under the DCA banner that also deserve the full audit treatment as well.

 Cecil is going down for taking bribes.