De la Hoya vs. Hopkins -its on!

Sorry for posting boxing news here and not on the boxing forum, but I figured this would garner enough general interest to qualify:


Five division champion Oscar De La Hoya and WBC/WBA/IBF middleweight champion Bernard Hopkins have agreed in principle - nothing is signed - to face each other on September 18 or in November according to USA Today. Plans are reportedly being made for both to fight on a June 5 PPV card, with De La Hoya making his middleweight debut against unbeaten WBO middleweight titlist Felix Sturm while Hopkins faces IBF mandatory challenger Robert Allen. If both win, the mega showdown is on for the fall. Top Rank guarantees $10 million+ for Hopkins and $30 million+ for the Golden Boy in the two-fight deal. Top Rank has confirmed to Fightnews that negotiations are in progress with the MGM Grand in Las Vegas to host both fights.

In other news, Foreman has signed with Don King Productions and Don King has won the purse bid for the Jones Jr. Vs. Tarver re-match.



Hopkins by TKO

Sorry if the title is misleading. Again-nothing signed, and they are both fighting other guys on the same card. If hey both win, it is probable that they face one another.


DLH via decision.

I'll take Oscar, but it could go either way. As could the proposed Mosley vs. Trinidad fight.


DLH has never had his ass kicked as a pro and has rarely if ever been hurt.

Great Fight. I'm worried about DHL.
Hopkins is very good, and naturally bigger.

"DLH is faster, but cannot take a punch terribly well."

I'm not sure where you get that from. He's never been stopped, and I don't think he's ever even been close to being stopped. Two of his three losses are by extremely controversial decisions, with his first loss to Mosley being legit, but still close. A split decision.

De la Hoya vs. middleweight champ Felix Sturm?
Sensational Offer from USA. Universum confirms negotiations with Golden Boy
Superstar Oscar de la Hoya, 31, is targeting WBO middleweight champion Felix Sturm, 25. Universum CEO Peter Kohl confirms: We are in talks with the Oscar de la Hoya camp for a bout with Felix Sturm. It was a surprise offer for us, however Felix Sturm is skilled, hungry and willing to fight his idol. De la Hoya is the biggest name one could imagine in the middle weight classes. The fact that he has aproached us is an obvious proof of our recent achievements and a proof of our reputation in world boxing. There are negotiations about place and time at present. It is likely that the negotiations will proceed very quickly, once we have agreed on the fight, said Kohl. The next steps would be very easy. When Kohl informed Sturm about de la Hoyas offer, the young champion had to swallow. Said Sturm: He is my idol, since I started boxing. I have always said that I am patient enough to wait for another year or two for the big fight against one of the U.S. superstars. However, this is charming.


DLH doesn't know what he want's.

DeLaHoya is going to get Fu.ked up bad ...Hes stepping up in weight to guy who cuts his nuts off to make the weight ....the guy went 12 with Jones 10 years ago and hasnt lost since ....

Good fight....gotta go with Hopkins here.


Big Hopkins fan and I have to say that I will do anything for tickets to that fight

"Ike (African fighter, not sure if this is his name, but they fought in early 1999) nearly finished the guy, remember?"

I remember it being the other way around, with DLH bombing on him in the 12th round and Quartey only making it through the round because he is a tough son of a bitch. Quartey was rocked against the ropes. Quartey did score a knockdown in round 6, but I don't remember him ever getting close to stopping DLH.

Edit: "Ike Quartey...Check out how tight that fight was and the brink of collapse DLH was somewhere around the 11th round."

Man, I don't remember that at all. I gotta go back and rewatch the fight.

I suspect Hopkins will somehow mess this fight up before it happens. If not, Hopkins is an old man, and its not inconcievable that DLH could take him late. Although DLH's stamina isn't that great late either

Misleading headline.

Considering nothing " Is On ", and nothing is signed.

Jimmythegreek is oozing with the correct. Hopkins is a a fuggin animal. The guy suffered a seperated shoulder in a fight and proceeded to clown the guy with one hand. He could have taken the easy way out and won by DQ as the guy slammed him, but he wanted no doubt left in anyones mind. DLH is a technician, but has never faced anyone that posses the power that Hopkins has.Plus, like Jimmy says, Hopkins will come into this fight HUGE.I'm lookin forward to a good fight, with Hopkins bein the first to stop DLH.

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"I suspect Hopkins will somehow mess this fight up before it happens..."This seems to be the most likely scenario, although I'd love to see this fight. Fuckin' DeLaHoya, what balls.

Holy doggy snacks. De La Hoya is gonna show everyone how overrated Hopkins is. Should be incredible, can't wait.