Deadly training! (not for the faint at heart)

Power Rangers bootcamp.


The green Power Ranger looks highly dangerous. 

Wow....I have seen gay before, but never this level. OVER 9000, FOR SURE1!1!11!!!!

3 Months of UFC Trane=Unstoppable...


Wtf? Phone Post

Have to get my kids in this pronto.

I was hoping for the agoge Phone Post

Had he seen this thread, Jesus would have tapped.

versus the ukraine Asgarda?

How to get beaten up without getting touched?
But...that pink shorts lady is epic! Phone Post

KZTT_CodyLarge - I fight get it, he fights mma, why do the whole fake fight sequence crap?

Anyways someone gif the creepy lady in the pink shorts! My god Phone Post

Never under estimate the power of the green Ranger bro. She's very deadly. Phone Post