Dealing with dbl guard pull

Other than initiating a pass what do you guys do? When I go double guard pull I usually lose the grip fight and get out grappled if I can't use my RDLR to invert immediately. I'll also go 50/50 but I don't have too many options from there right now.

Shake head in disgust and walk off the mat.

shen - Shake head in disgust and walk off the mat.

Rips open gi top and then falls to knees in ecstasy, points to sky, celebrating victory against Shen

If I do end up in a double guard pull situation I almost always do one of four things.

1: Try to get a leg drag position before coming on top, so that when I come on top they're already on the bottom of the leg drag position. In the gi this would usually be grabbing their cross pants cuffs and trying to drag their leg across from a more suared up position. But sometimes I cut more of a perpendicular angle really try to get my hips under their thighs and drag the leg across before coming up.

2. get myself into SLX/ashi position and get onto the hip that would be as if I completed that standard SLX sweep where I'm laying on top of their trapped leg, and then I come up into a knee slice pass.

3. This is no gi specific and it's trying to get their elg across my body (like a leg drag) but instead of coming up, I thread the outside leg over and inside for the 4-11/saddle/inside senkaku or whatever people call it. From there I can try to cloverleaf, heel hook, or darce right away; or use it to come up to a knee slice pass or expose the back and get a harness grip.

4. I'll sometimes go from a seated position into a roll over top of them, looking for a kimura grip or front head and arm grip as I roll. This can lead you to various subs on the arms, neck, or get you the top position past their legs. If I commit to the roll and am unable to get that kimura or front headlock then I just come up to base or both feet and start trying to pass immediately.

Hope that helps.

When I'm in a double guard pull situation and immediately get up and walk over to my wrestling coach and let him slap me as hard as he can. 

Honor kill myself usually

Like it or not, this is a part of the modern game. I'm a young guy who wants to compete and being inept from dbl guard pull is asking to be leg dragged or have your back taken. I prefer passing but I'm really working hard on my guard.

Now, I usually would kill myself after getting berimbolo but should I just go ahead and off myself right off the bat?

Regarding competition:

Depends on how I want to approach the match. If I am comfortable passing, and I know they are fully comitted to pulling, I will often double pull with them and come on top immediately so I start the match with an advantage. Often times I try to time the pull to score off it with a foot sweep or low single, but if they pull from a distance I will flop so I at least have something to show for the exchange on the scoreboard.

If I am intent on staying on bottom, I usually pull under to deep half guard. It bypasses the beimbolo meta game, and often forces them on top whether they want to be there or not. I'll lose the ad in this case, but I know that going in, and if they fight it too hard, sometimes I can score right away.

Macedo does a good job or pulling people to top position from collar control. I've seen him do it a few times recently.

More often than not I attack by either trying to get to SLX, passing the leg over to top side ashi and coming up on a leg drag, or as you stated go to 50/50. I prefer the SLX for no gi, and 50/50 for gi. If you want to research 50/50 watch Felipe Pena's back take which is gold, and the Miyao brothers passing from an unfair 50/50.