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To repay for my previous sins I will share one of my favorite moves: a instep guard sweep against the one knee up posture.

Notes: This is a gi-only move, but I use this guard in no gi. I usually don't spend too much time on gi-only moves but I find that the principles of this sweep are found in the basic butterfly guard sweep, and that learning to control the opponent in this type of guard will help your no gi game also. I also like this sweep because it forces me to play an active game and initiate the position.

You can do this sweep when the guy has one knee up (combat base) or is standing in your open guard. I will assume that the guy is in combat base with his right knee up, left knee on the ground, perpendicular. My feet in a de la riva position, or close to it.

Thumbnail sketch:

  1. Situp and wrap your left hand deep around his right leg.

  2. Plant your right hand on the ground, and move your butt back.

  3. Put your left foot on the inside of his right foot for shin to shin contact and the instep guard.

  4. Put your right foot behind your left.

  5. Sweep like a butterfly sweep: go to your shoulder, lift with your left leg, push off your right foot, take out his left arm.

Detailed version:

  1. Sit up and wrap your left hand deep around his right leg, under the knee. (Keep your left shoulder glued to his right knee/shin. If he is able to get the underhook at anytime, bail to reverse de la riva because he will probably start the cross knee pass. If you feel that you cannot situp because he has too much forward pressure, or has his right forearm on his right shin and you will always give up the underhook, then you should off balance him backwards by pushing his left knee back with your right foot. If he is still very careful with his left hand, i will usually cross grip his right sleeve to continue to off balance him until i feel i can sit up and wrap his leg without giving up the underhook).

(If possible, with your right hand, feed his left sleeve to your left hand after you wrap the leg. If he keeps his left hand away, feed his left lapel to your left hand. If you can't get anything with your right hand, just be content holding his right leg firmly. I like the first two options because if he stands completely up, he will still be hunched over and ready to sweep).

  1. Plant your right hand on the ground about 45 degrees away from you and move your butt back maybe 6-12 inches. Don't directly face him with your chest, but instead face 45 degrees across him. (I put my hand down to move butt back which gives space for my left foot in step 3. Also, I feel it is harder for him to put pressure on me if I am at an angle to him.)

  2. Place your left foot on your right side of his left foot, your left knee will be on your left side of his right shin. So your instep should be touching his instep, shin to shin, with your shin diagonally across his with your knee on the outside of his knee. (Your left shoulder, knee and his shin/knee should all be firmly connected. Don't freak out and hold tight, but don't be loose).

  3. Place your right foot behind your left foot. (You should now be in a pretty familiar position of being ready to stand up in base).

  4. The next three things happen at the same time, but they are all easy, so don't worry, when in doubt, just think butterfly guard sweep. A) Fall to your right shoulder, perpendicular to him, just like the butterfly guard sweep. B) Use your left leg like a butterfly guard sweep which will lift his right leg and off balance him to your right. (This will seem ackward at first because you are lifting the lower part of his leg instead of the upper) C) For extra power, drive to the right off the ball of your right foot. D) As you are falling to your shoulder, grab his left elbow with your right hand.

(I use A - D in the butterfly guard sweep, the biggest difference between the two for me is that I usually grab the arm in the butterfly guard sweep after my shoulder has hit the ground).

I hope that didn't bore the shit out of you.

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