Dear Todd Duffee

Hi Todd,

I wanted to thank for all the amazing performances you've put on. I have been a fan since UFC 102 when you KO'd Tim Hague with a viciousness and it seemed clear that you were a heavyweight monster that'd be a force in the division. Through your ups and downs, I've rooted for you. I believe you will smash Mir tomorrow and look forward to seeing it.

If you've never stopped doubting the Duffman and pledge your unyielding support, sign here.


Good luck Todd! Phone Post 3.0

209ESE -


. Phone Post 3.0

209ESE -


I just feel that sometimes fighters might not seem supported. Admiration and respect for a fellow man used to be a societal norm and the connotation of that sort of thing as a feminine quality would be an abhorrent thing to our forefathers.

I would add that comments such as beep are an unoriginal group think behavior that doesn't fit in with the spirit of this thread. Phone Post 3.0

T-O Double D, D YOU Double F Double E that's TODD DUFFEE.

please don't murder frank

Good luck, smash Frank.

War Duffee Phone Post 3.0

Todd.. A wise man once revealed the secret to defeating Mir..

So... There's apparently a horse shoe.. In his ass.

You need to retrieve this horse shoe and then beat him over the head with it.

Good luck, sir. Phone Post 3.0

Duffee by early stoppage. Phone Post 3.0

fan for life here, hell the name alone is kick ass