Dear UG....(Roxy Modafferi and Sarah Kaufman pic)

 Is it even possible NOT to be a Roxy fan?

Seriously... she has to be the most likable MMA fighter ever.

Thanks, guys! :D

epwar - Kaufman wins by having red demon eyes.

LOL In that vid, her coach even admitted to her being a vampire! XD (I 'lol-ed')

Just finished the vid. Awesome look into the lives of fighters the week of the fight. Love both ladies so I can't pick a winner. Best of luck!

2nd that!

Awesome video.

Two of my favorites. I hope it's a draw.

 looking forward to this!!!!! 

 the movie "the secret" was based on roxanne modeferri  law of attraction baby!

greentrousers -  you gotta love roxy.

roxy's and tara's behavior before, during and after their 2nd fight was totally awesome. the camaraderie between these 2 mma competitors is so exceptional, it's just a pity there are others like toughill who make women's mma sound like pure drama and cattiness.


looking forward to it. this is gonna be a good fight.



Awesome vid! Go Sarah!!!

Great pic, thanks for posting. You guys need to learn th UG hand sign :) OMA (tm) is demonstrating one in this pic:

Best of luck to both of you! Good matchup.

 Gonna be the fight of the night on the card that I really wanna see


Cool T-shirt!



Here is part two:

epwar - Here is part two: