Dear UG....(Roxy Modafferi and Sarah Kaufman pic)


This is in the hotel, after we finished training in our separate rooms to smash each other's faces in!  :D

I love MMA!

Damn. Don't know who to root for. I like you both.

 that Roxy is a stooone fox...

 Go Roxanne!!

 Cant wait for this fight! 

WAR Roxy!

 cool fight! 

fantastic that you post with that pic!

Awesome picture..

Looking forward to this fight.

War Sarah!!


 im very excited for this fight.


awesome! how much taller is Roxy than Sarah? I thought 2 inches but based on this pic it could be more.

f u 2

 Should be a great fight. Smash the shit out of each other.


 I vote Roxy. 

 you gotta love roxy.

roxy's and tara's behavior before, during and after their 2nd fight was totally awesome. the camaraderie between these 2 mma competitors is so exceptional, it's just a pity there are others like toughill who make women's mma sound like pure drama and cattiness.

Kaufman wins by having red demon eyes.

 LOL Red demon eyes :)

if y'all haven't seen this. ^^^

looking forward to this dance. GL to both of you.

Sarah Kaufman -  LOL Red demon eyes :)

The upside is that they match your sweatshirt. I know women love that kind of thing. Haha.

Good luck to both of you.