death to irvin?

Man, Im a really big Irvin fan....but I dont like this matchup of him and Houston Alexander.  Irvin has shown a suspect NERVOUS!  dang it


A guarantee Houston has a worse chin than Irvin.

Irvin by huge right hand

This fight has no meaning whatsoever.

Fights have to have 'meaning' now? WTF?

Good matchmaking IMO - I'm pulling for Irvin to put him to sleep.

Yes, implication of a fight in it's respective division helps make it more attractive.

This fight has no implication. It should be KOTC.

Why do you think Irvin has a suspect chin? He got stopped by a 240-lb. Mike Kyle with a shot that would've finished most heavies. He took a thumping from Ramirez and kept battling, brawled with Doug Marshall before finishing Rhino, and held out on a deep kimura by Bonnar for fifty seconds before tapping....lot longer than most guys would've made it.

I know Irvin hits hard too...and I hope he flying knees Houston....but Im afraid he'll ger 'jardined'

great fight imo

Good point that his KO loss was at heavyweight.....i didnt think of that.  He is bigger for 205. 

Im not wrong.

Hemlock you are wrong. I see your point but really not every fight has to mean much to the overall picture on paper.

Further to this actually it is often the case that a seemingly meaningless fight actually turns out to change a division, Houston vs. Jardine for example.

Don't like him as a fighter, but I have a vision of Irvin winning this one.

From: MattBenwa
Date: 04/02/08 12:38 AM

Good matchmaking IMO - I'm pulling for Irvin to put him to sleep.

Great matchmaking.

Both are stand up fighters. Both have heavy hands. What better match up?

how could you not like this fight??? WTF???

You don't have to be a top 10 guy to put on a great show.

This is a great and exciting matchup for any fan!

Get what you wanted, knuckleheads?

Congrats Sandman!!!