DEBATE: Is this one of the worst opponent choices for Cyborg in years?

I have a TON of respect for Bellator. But Kavanagh is 7-4 and 2-2 in her last four. Cyborg is a -4000 favorite on Draftkings. In comparison, Nunes is a -720 favorite in December and that is normally a huge number. Is this Cyborg’s least formidable foe in years?

Was hoping for John Kavanagh.


Just so I’m clear. That means you’d have to be four thousand dollars on cyborg to win one hundred?

You’d receive four thousand and one hundred dollars on a four thousand dollar bet…?


I believe so :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

That would make more sense :rofl:

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fallon fox is the only opponent i want to see cyborg fight


Cyborg closed -1300 and -1600 favs vs Blencowe and Smith as well recently.

I have not found watching Cyborg, Nunes or Harrison competing interesting at all since Cyborg vs Nunes happened.

Whole division is sad and its the last thing anyone I know likes about the sport.

The rankings site can’t even put a top 20 list together without combining two weight classes.

Like Cyborg, Harrison was a -4000 favorite in her last fight as well.

The WFW division is a complete joke. Everyone knows it but some don’t like to say it because its not PC to say such things in 2021.


First post nails it again.

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There’s always a chance she takes a dive for a payday.

Fuck cyborg and fuck giving a shit about this. Some roided up dude who made a career beating the shit out of pretty girls like gina and the Dutch chick.

I would bet the house on Cyborg if she fought John Kavanagh


Guess the debate is over on that opponent choice.

SBG Ireland just went 0-4 in their last 4 big fights with Gallagher, Quelley, Kavanagh and Conor all getting KOed or submitted.

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