December 2006 Update...

Harris International December 2006 Update

I. I'd like to congratulate the following nine students for taking and
passing the Apprentice Level One Grappling Instructor's Course this

Dustin Bortin, (San Diego, California), Mike Adrid (San Pedro,
California), Bob & Mindy Vanderbilt (Washington, New Jersey),
Tomislav Notizberg (Kastav, Croatia), Chuck Costello (Lake Havasu,
Arizona), Andy Cottle (Eagle River, Alaska), Luiz Manzo (National City,
California), and Bryan Stoops (Chino Hills, California)

The next Apprentice Level One Grappling Instructor's course will be
held December 1-5, 2007. To apply for this course of instruction,
please go to this page to find out more information:

II. With all that has been going on this past two months, I have not had
any time to produce ANY instructionals for Christmas. I know I
promised you four for Christmas, but unfortunately, life happened and
I did not have time to work on any of them. However, I will begin
working on putting Takedowns from the Knees on DVD by January
2007. This DVD will have all of the original footage on it, plus about 30
minutes of new footage on it. It will be ready by late January.

Once I get close to finishing this project, I will begin working on the
new Kalis Ilustrisimo instructional DVDs. One set will be taught my
instructor, Mang Romy Macapagal. Another set will be taught by
myself. Both sets will compliment each other. I plan to have these two
sets finished in the early part of the year.

III. For students who trained at the Harris Academy in recent years, but
discontinued their membership before November 2006, you will have
the opportunity to train at the Harris Academy again in 2007 at a
discounted price. Keep your eyes peeled on the main page of Later this week, I will post a "Returning Student's
Coupon" that will provide you the opportunity to obtain two (2) months
of unlimited training at the Harris Academy for the one-time price of
$150 ($210 off the original price), AND, you won't have to pay the
membership fee when you sign up for classes. This coupon will be
valid from January 4 through January 31, 2007.

IV. For new students (those who have never trained at the Harris
Academy), later on this week, I will post a discount coupon on for you as well. This coupon will provide you the
opportunity to obtain three months of unlimited training at the Harris
Academy for the one-time price of $240 ($250 off the original price).
This coupon will be valid from January 4 through January 31, 2007.
Keep your eyes peeled on our main page!

V. For those who say, "I can't", here is some inspiring video footage to
help you understand that YOU CAN:

Whatever you want in life, go for it! Try not to allow anything to stop


VI. In the month of November, I traveled to Germany to teach a small
group of guys privately. I am happy to report that Mr. Björn Friedrich
and his small group of students are progressing very well. I am also
happy to report that Björn recently had some video footage shot of him
by a national television station. Congratulations Björn

Also, during the month of November, I traveled to Canada to teach a
guard controlling seminar at Mr. Brian Bird's Academy in Calgary. The
seminar was very well attended, for there were 72 people in attendance
– all of whom were Harris International students, instructors and
affiliates. During the seminar, I taught how to break down the various
forms of posture, as well as how to control and gain the edge from
closed, open and butterfly guards. I also taught them a few of my
favorite finishes from each guard. It was a great seminar (Wanna know
how I know that? Simple: The more people that privately ask me "How
do I counter the stuff you just showed?" the more people I know were
satisfied with the information they received! And trust me, a bunch of
people asked how to counter the guard control information because
they saw and felt how much control they were going to have over
students who did not attend the seminar.....but they also knew they
were going to be frustrated by others who had attended the they asked me in private how I would counter the guard
control techniques I taught at this seminar : )

Also, Mr. Per Christian Andresen from Trondheim, Norway, paid us a
surprise visit for two day at the beginning of the month. Per's visit
included private training with me, as well as an additional training
session provided by none other than Mr. Jeff Baldwin. Per had a great
time and wanted me to thank everyone who helped him during his visit
to San Diego!

Finally, I taught a one day workshop for all of my local instructors.
During this training session, we focused on twelve (12) ways to pass
the guard, as well as hold someone down, without using your hands. It
was great to see their eyes light up with each new method!

VII. Harris Academy will close on Thursday, December 21, 2006 and
reopen on Thursday, January 4, 2007. So, the last day of training at the
academy will be Wednesday, December 20, 2006.


VIII. Here is my traveling seminar schedule for 2007:

March 31 - April1 BJJ Seminar in Lethbridge, Canada

April 21 - 22 BJJ Seminar in Erie, Pennsylvania

May 5 BJJ Seminar in Calgary, AB, Canada

May 25 - 27 Private training in Obertshausen, Germany

June 9 -10 BJJ Seminar in Rochester, New York

July 27 - 29 H.I. Student/Instructor Conference in Galway, Ireland

August 4 - 5 BJJ Seminar in Middletown, Connecticut

September 22 - 23 BJJ Seminar in Erie, Pennsylvania

September 29 - 30 BJJ Seminar in Trondheim, Norway

October 6 – 7 BJJ Seminar in Galway, Ireland

November 9 - 11 Private training in Obertshausen, Germany

November 17 -18 BJJ Seminar in Calgary, AB, Canada

IX. Here are a few of the training sessions I will hold at my academy in

January 6 Extra BJJ class from 12pm-1:30pm

January 6 Extra JKD class from 1:30pm-3pm

January 7 BJJ Combinations and drills seminar

January 21 BJJ Fundamentals seminar

March 24-28 JKD Level One Instructor course

December 1 thru 5 - Apprentice Grappling Instructor Course in San

December 8 thru 12 - Associate Grappling Instructor Course in San

There are a lot more to come. These are the ones I have put on my
schedule already!

X. Sifu Mark Cheng has written an interesting article on Brazilian Jiu
Jitsu Over 40. This article will appear in the March issue of Black Belt
magazine. I am very thankful to him for writing this article.

Sifu Mark Cheng, Al Lowrimore and myself just completed the photo
shoot this past week. At the end of the shoot, we were told the March
issue of Black Belt magazine will begin distribution in about six weeks.
So, keep your eyes open for Sifu Mark's article!

XI. On Monday, November 27, 2006, I took the playing abilities test for
the PGA (Professional Golfers' Association of America). It was a very
long day (10 hours). I played 36 consecutive holes of golf to reach a
specific target score. I am proud to say I passed my examination and
am now a proud member of the PGA!

I have dreamed of this day for decades, for I have wanted to become a
professional golfer since I was around four years old. To have finally
reached this goal was at first, very surreal. However, now that a couple
of weeks have passed since my test, I am growing accustomed to the
idea of being a professional golfer!'s been a long road. I have spent SO MUCH time at the
driving range these past two months I believe they know me by first
name. Plus, I played so much golf with my golf mentor, Mr. Ed Torres,
that I think he is getting tired of getting up at o'dark thirty to meet me
at some golf course before the sun wakes up : )


LaClair Academy Update

NOTE: This update was sent to me by Mr. Adam LaClair. Adam is an
Apprentice Level One Grappling Instructor in my association:

  1. On November 11th, 4 students of the LaClair Academy of Mixed Martial Arts (an affiliate of Harris International) competed at the 2006 Vermont Open Grappling Championships.

David Parker (BJJ Blue belt, 209 pounds) placed FIRST in the Middle-
Heavyweight Blue belt division, and took THIRD place in the Middle-
Heavyweight Advanced (24+ months experience) division as well.
Dave's highlight of the day was avenging a former loss with a win by
arm bar to take the first place in the gi.

Matthew Wells (BJJ White belt, 160 pounds, six months of actual
training) placed FIRST in the Lightweight White belt (6-18 months
experience) division, took FIRST place in the Lightweight Beginner No-
Gi (12-24 months experience) division, and additionally grabbed a
THIRD place finishing in the Absolute (Gi Class) division. Matt's goal
was to make it to the Absolutes, and he was very proud to win his first
match with a :20 second submission, and then not get submitted
himself despite facing both a purple belt and a brown belt.

Justin Phillips (BJJ White belt, 230 pounds, 10 months total experience)
competed for the first time, and placed FIRST in the Super Heavyweight
No-Gi Novice (0-12 months experience) division. Justin avenged a loss
earlier in the day in the gi division with his victory in no-gi, and
learned a lot from this competition experience.

Myles Hacking (BJJ White belt, 190 pounds, 4 months total experience)
also competed for the first time. Myles won FIRST place in the Light-
Heavyweight White Belt (0-6 months experience) division, and also
placed FIRST in the Light-Heavyweight No-Gi Novice (0-12 months
experience) division. Myles had a single submission all day (collar
choke), but won all his other matches of the day by demonstrating
superior positioning skills over his opponents.

  1. The "official" Roy Harris videotape conversions to DVD-r format are
    done! There is a pre-order sale at - all
    orders will ship out on December 1st.

  2. As some of you already know, Adam LaClair's wife Janet (Jan) is in a
    fight for her life against pancreatic cancer. In an effort to raise money
    to help pay bills and medical expenses, there will be sale of numerous
    items, including a broad variety of both brand-new instructionals that
    were graciously donated by their respective producers, and previously
    viewed video instructionals from Adam's personal library. Titles will be
    added/sold over the next few months on
    Video titles include productions by Roy Harris, Grappler's Quest,
    Stephan Kesting, The Practical Grappler, Island Entertainment, World
    Martial Arts, Tony Blauer, Marco Lala, Michael Jen, ROSS/RMAX,
    Ringside Boxing, and more!!

  3. Beginning in December, will also be
    selling gis and other training gear for BJJ, grappling, and mixed martial

  4. For those in the Harris International Grappling Association, there will
    be an EAST COAST TRAINING CONFERENCE in Vermont to be held
    (tentatively) in late January. More details to come, instructors please
    watch your email boxes for further announcements and information.

  5. In support of Janet LaClair's fight against pancreatic cancer, has pledged to donate all profits for the month
    of November to her cause. Please help support Janet by buying Defense


Thank you for your time and attention! I will have more news for you
around Christmas time!


Roy Harris



Thanks for the update.


Yeah.....things have been QUITE busy for quite some time. These past
few months have been a blur!

I thought I was going to get a chance to relax on Monday of this week,
but has kicked into overdrive ; )

I am really looking forward to the time when I can sit down and relax.
(Of course, many people tell me I should already be doing this...but
then end up asking me, "I know you're busy Mr. Harris, but can you....?"
All I can do is smile and sigh.

I am really excited about NOT traveling as much next year! While I still
enjoy teaching martial arts, bumpy airplanes rides, cranky flight
attendants, no meals, small seats, HUGE and RUDE passengers that sit
next to you and purposely bleed into your arm, leg and foot space,
delayed flights, all have made me grow weary of traveling. Plus, it has
been my observation that passengers have grown more AGGRESSIVE
over the years. I can't tell you how many times I've had people step in
front of me in lines or used their shoulder to push ahead of me in line.
While I grew accustomed to this kind of behavior in Poland, I was
shocked to begin experiencing it elsewhere.

So, when I have to spend 20+ hours traveling to Europe and back, or
30+ hours traveling back and forth to Asia, the unenjoyable traveling
experiences get old after awhile. It felt manageable for the first few
years, but after the third year, it got old REAL QUICK!

So the idea of spending more time on the ground in San Diego and less
time dealing with the airline industry, the better!

Plus, I don't have to travel until March 30 of next year! Woo hoo!!! Now
THAT is something to celebrate over.

One more thing, can you ask THE BOSS if it would be possible to play
TPC again next year? Pwetty pwease.


Let me see what I can do.

G.I. Hope's company is closing its doors on December 31st, and she will be taking a new job (as manager of a very exclusive design company).

However, she will still be in contact with "the boys", so I'm sure she can work some magic.


PS - In regards to the tentative East Coast conference in January, is that going to be instructors-only or open to students?

Uh.................what East Coast conference in January are you referring to? I
have made no plans to host an East Coast conference in January nor have
I apoken with anyone who has.

Am I having a senior moment?

Refresh my mind.


  1. For those in the Harris International Grappling Association, there will be an EAST COAST TRAINING CONFERENCE in Vermont to be held (tentatively) in late January. More details to come, instructors please watch your email boxes for further announcements and information.

Oh, I see........

That announcement was made by Adam LaClair. (See "-- LaClair Academy
Update --" at the top of that post.)

I know nothing about this training conference. I was under the impression
Adam had already contacted all of the East Coast instructors because he
sent this update to me several weeks ago. Obviously, this is not the case.

Please contact Adam for more info.


Haven't sent the information out yet, as we are still waiting for confirmation that Jan is going to be able to have surgery, and if so, what the date is going to be.

This will have a profound effect on the dates of the conference. We were supposed to have an answer to all of this the last week of November, but they pushed her appointments all back a week when she had to go in the hospital for a week last month. The examination procedure was scheduled for earlier this week, but when we got down to the hospital they had made an error in scheduling, and there were no anesthesiologists available. Now we are waiting for the new procedure date AGAIN.

Originally, she was supposed to have had surgery just before Christmas, if they could do the resection. Now it's looking like early-mid January. The East Coast Conference (ECC) will either be late January, or possibly in February. As soon as I get a better idea of what's going on, I'll be able to move forward with this.



The answer to your specific question is that it will have a segment for instructors only, but most of it will be open to students as well.


Hi Roy,

Sorry, I thought you knew more than I did, since it was the first time I heard about it.


Gotcha. Thanks. (Sorry to hear they've delayed AGAIN)



I will be doing more of these seminars in 2007. Keep your eyes on my
seminar roster on my website over the next few weeks.

Roy Harris