defend hawaii

Anybody know where you can buy those shirts at?

 i think information, kicks hawaii, eco system or this store in kaneohe has those shirts.

nope go get um off myspace search it there, they somtimes have a few makes at fitted, but not kicks or info, its one of my homies companys, if u cant find it i can go get the link but im lazy, they just did 2 new shirts this past week, but sister averi handles it all now so hit her up via the myspace

the store in kaneohe is by the post office, its called sindication, its the fighter mike malones store, they should have some too

which threat to hawaii is this shirt associated with?

FCTV took the words right outta my fingers. Defend Hawai'i from what it opens it's legs, I mean itself to.

From those who that over the parks at night

send me a PM if you want to order the shirts through paypal.
I'll direct you to the site.

The front sez "Defend Hawaii"??

What the back sez?

"From Haoles"??