defending against staph/ringworm

I have been attentding jiu-jitsu classes for a few weeks now and plan on doing this for a long time... a dude just took a while off do to ringworm. I heard to use anti-bacterial soap to help protect yourself, and someone mentioned i think it was tetri (sp.?) oil. Just looking for some basic advice... is anti-bacterial soap better than regular soap?

Tea tree oil. Albertson's sells a big bottle of body wash with tea tree oil in it for like $3.99. I use that every day right after class and it seems to work well for prevention.

sweet, thankyou.

Just go all natural and use regular soap. Apply safe hygiene practices when rolling. Cover up all open wounds, wash it out before and after practice and take a sure after practice.

here are some thing that will help you out....

1) shower ASAP when class is over.

2) buy a Head and Shoulders type shampoo product and wash you entire body with it. it has anti-fugal properties that will help you 'disinfect' yourself.

3)long sleeve rash guards help.


5) if you see someone with 'the worm' tell them to get the hell out of there until its gone.

6) if you so get ringworm go to the store and buy any kind of anti-fungal creme. the kind that chicks use for yeast infections is the strongest.

I use tea tree oil/eucalyptus soap. There is a wrestling soap(defense) that uses the same ingredients, but I buy a herbal brand with the same ingredients. And just in case some of you don't know, ringworm is not an actual worm, it's a fungal thing. Athlete's foot is a form of ringworm.

I'm not familiar with staph/ringworm.

Is it a choke? An armbar? A leglock?

Ringworm is a fungus so you need some kind of antifungal to prevent/get rid of it. I recommend Defense Soap or Gym Soap. If you think you have ringworm, go to a doctor and get a prescription for antifungal medicine.

Staph is serious shit. It is not a fungus, it is a bacteria. You can lose limbs and even die from it. Regular anti-bacterial soap is probably not enough. I recommend Hibiclens which you can get from many drug stores. Hibiclens can also be used as a pre-cleaner before you go to class. If you think you have staph or MRSA, see a doc asap.

You don't need a prescription for antifungal stuff. Lamisil gel works like a champ.

How much % of a soap or body wash needs to come from tea tree oil for it to have an effect on ringworm or staph?


I met a pharmacist that gave me the best advise,

Told me to buy Acne soap, and immediately after practice while showering cover my entier body with the soap and let is sit for 2 mind, then rinse.

never had anothe probelm again.

yeah just stay clean use some antibacterial stuff you'll be fine, shower as soon as you can after class. I got Methacillin resistant staph in my calf, right where it rubs on a persons back/hips when you are in closed guard. It sucked horribly was really painful, I felt like hell, and missed a lot of training and had to pull out of a fight. If you get something that looks like a spider bite best be safe and get it checked out.

make sure they clean the mats everyday