Demetrious Johnson says Cejudo has to win a few at 145 before fight with Volkanovski

Does DJ have a point here or is just being a hater?



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Cejudo doesn’t have to do shit. Volk should beg for that fight imo


Who gives a fuck what that asshole thinks? He said anyone who didnt enjoy the midget fights was stupid…

Did he say that after half the arena walked out during his fight with Baugitinov?

I dont remember when, years ago. He was just being a jerk.

Sorry your talent pool is like 12 midgets and nobody cares, “GOAT”.

Who the fuck is he to suggest this?

Hes just afraid CCC might cement lighter weight class GOAT


lol I think I am his only fan, I really enjoyed his fights. But him being a professional fighter for the length of time that he has, he has to be aware that rankings and earned title shots are a thing of the past in the UFC. Also, I doubt he would even be commenting if he didn’t lose to Cejudo.


It’s nice to see mighty mouse trying to keep the sport boring outside of his own fights and organization

Already has imo

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P-4-P-G-O-A-T, homeboy. Fact not fiction.


Lol, P4P and GOAT are both fiction so all fiction and no fact

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