hellooo whats your email....

Get back in the kitchen, demoness.

hey deanne you got mail...,dont even tell me you related

She cooks for him.

hehe k thas cool..i was gonna have to call him rite now and ask him y he never mentioned you!

so how did you know that i knew him,or why did you ask if i did?

be back in 20 min.s going to hollywood video..i wanna get a movie

demoness always says on the og the closer the kin, the better the skin.

This had nothing to do with MMA. :)
Here: Rickson by armbar Rd1
there ya go.

k im back

deanne i just got off the phone with ricco,he said he would love for you to use the song from 8 mile eminem the one goes like you only got one chance to stand or something like you know what im talkin that i think of it that one would be nuts.also he wants me to get your clothing size.he is gonna send you some gear..also he is going to australia real soon.