Denis Kang in the Top Ten

Good job Denis


ADCC NEWS - TOP 10 MMA Competitors - Debut of the NEW LIST...
Submitted by: ADCC NEWS / MMA Editor
Posted On 12/29/2003


For 2004, ADCC NEWS re-introduces it's TOP TEN MMA fighters list, to be updated monthly. A panel of 6 delegates (1 from each continent) contributed to the voting for ADCC's Top Ten. The 'unified' weight categories used in the USA to categorize the competitors, resulting in ratings for 6 weight categories.


under 145 lbs.
#1 Alexandre 'Pequeno' Nogueira (Brazil)
#2 Norifumi 'Kid' Yamamoto (Japan)
#3 Jens Pulver (Team EXTREME, USA)
#4 Joao Roque (Nova Uniao, Brazil)
#5 Stephen Palling (USA)
#6 Tetsuo Katsuta (Japan)
#7 Ivan Menjivar (Costa Rica)
#8 Cole Escovedo (USA)
#9 Hiroyuki Abe (Japan)
#10 Jeff Curran (USA)

145.1 - 155 lbs.
#1 Vitor 'Shaolin' Ribeiro (Nova Uniao, Brazil)
#2 BJ Penn (USA)
#3 Duane 'Bang' Ludwig (USA)
#4 Yves Edwards (3rd Column, USA)
#5 Hermes Franca (American TOP TEAM, USA)
#6 Joachim Hansen (Team Scandinavia, Oslo, Norway)
#7 Takanori Gomi (SHOOTO, Japan)
#8 Genki Sudo (Japan)
#9 Matt Serra (Team Renzo Gracie, USA)
#10 Din Thomas (American TOP TEAM, USA)

155.1 - 170 lbs.
#1 Matt Hughes (Team EXTREME, USA)
#2 Carlos Newton (Canada)
#3 Sean Sherk (USA)
#4 Jutaro Nakao (Japan)
#5 Frank Trigg (USA)
#6 Robbie Lawler (Team EXTREME, USA)
#7 Ray Cooper (USA)
#8 Karo Parisyan (Team Gokor, USA)
#9 Chris Lytle (Integrated Fighting, USA)
#10 Nick Diaz (Cesar Gracie, USA)

170.1 - 185 lbs.
#1 Murilo Bustamante (Brazil)
#2 Anderson Silva (Brazil)
#3 Matt Lindland (USA)
#4 Kazushi Sakuraba (Japan)
#5 Evan Tanner (USA)
#6 Masanori Suda (SHOOTO Champion, Japan)
#7 Amar Suloev (Red Devil, Russia)
#8 Ricardo Almeida (Team Renzo Gracie, USA)
#9 Yuki Kondo (Japan)
#10 Denis Kang (Soares JJ, Canada)

185.1 - 205 lbs.
#1 Wanderlei Silva (Chute Boxe, Brazil)
#2 Randy Couture (UFC Champion, USA)
#3 Dan Henderson (USA)
#4 Tito Ortiz (USA)
#5 Quinton 'Rampage' Jackson (USA)
#6 Vitor Belfort (Brazil)
#7 Renato 'Babalu' (Brazil)
#8 Rich Franklin (Team EXTREME, USA)
#9 Ricardo Arona (Brazilian TOP TEAM, Brazil)
#10 Chuck Lidell (USA)

205.1 lbs and Up.
#1 - Emilianenko Fedor (Red Devil, Russia)
#2 - Rodrigo 'Minotauro' Nogueira (Brazilian TOP TEAM, Brazil)
#3 - Mirko Filipovic (Serbia)
#4 - Tim Sylvia (Team EXTREME, USA)
#5 - Josh Barnett (NJPW, USA)
#6 - Semmy Schilt (Holland)
#7 - Roman Zentsov (Red Devil, Russia)
#8 - Andrei Orlovski (Belarus)
#9 - Frank Mir (Pires JJ, USA)
#10 - Ibragim Magomedov (Red Devil, Russia)

Menjivar from Costa Roca WTF??? he was born in El Salvador and raised in Canada.

Congrats Kang. One day it'll be # 1.

"170.1 - 185 lbs. #1 Murilo Bustamante (Brazil) #2 Anderson Silva (Brazil) #3 Matt Lindland (USA) #4 Kazushi Sakuraba (Japan) #5 Evan Tanner (USA) #6 Masanori Suda (SHOOTO Champion, Japan) #7 Amar Suloev (Red Devil, Russia) #8 Ricardo Almeida (Team Renzo Gracie, USA) #9 Yuki Kondo (Japan) #10 DENIS KANG (Soares JJ, Canada)"

What a list to be on!
PLEASE give Denis a shot in the UFC.

Nice to see Denis get recognised

right f***ing on!

That's a very impressive group to be accepted into. In Canada we all know what Denis can do, it's time to send him to the big show! Pride or the UFC open your eyes 'cause Denis is only getting started.
Way to go Brother!!!!
Bill Mahood

Congrats! I think that's long overdue for Denis to be entered into the top 10.

There's no way on earth Tanner should be ranked above Denis. Denfrog's on a rampage!

Denis is the man!

Let me start by saying, I'm trying my damndest to get Kang some recognition, (

Let me also state that I can't stand Phil Baroni.

But if beating Suloev and former #1 MW Dave Menne doesn't put you in the top 10, then your top 10 could very well be "broke".

That said..... GO KANG!!!!

P.S. How many fights do Bustamante and Kondo have to fight at heavier weights before people give it up with the 185 business?

Way to go Kang. Nice to see Menjivar on the list too.

Kang's fight with Semenov was a draw.

Kang's a badass, but I don't see how he's ranked above Doerksen in those rankings.

Daimon, I fully agree with you. Doerksen's record is off the chart. Take a look at it on sherdog's fight finder. He's gotta have the highest ratio of ko's/subs:fights and he's had a ton of fights. He's also beaten guys like Lee Murray, Kang and Alessio. His record is 22-5 with ALL his wins coming from tko or submission. That's insane.

I can't wait to see either Kang or Doerksen in the ufc tearing shit up.

Congratulations Denis, this will be your breakthrough year
Leslie Dickens

Glad to see Denis getting some recognition.

Great job Denis !!! You're a MMA beast and this is ONLY the beginning.

I agree with some of you who think that Doerkson should be there as well. I also believe that Loiseau should be there too.

Opinions vary I guess.


Congrats Kang!!!

I have a very funny feeling that in 2004 we will be seeing many more Cannucks in that list.


Congrats Denis.

Nice going bro.

Denis Kang top ten is nice it's only a few more to the top