Denis Kang will be returning to Kelowna on Saturday, April 24th to conduct a one day intensive MMA seminar at the Jiu Jitsu Academy of Martial Arts (140 Rutland Road South). The training will run from 10am until 2:30pm. Cost for this seminar will be $75/person.

Don't miss this incredible opportunity to train with this world class athlete. Fresh off his latest fight in Korea, Denis will be demonstrating numerous techniques from his highly effective fighting system as well as answering any and all questions.

This will be the 3rd seminar that Denis has conducted in Kelowna.... Denis is excited to return and train with his old friends and hopes to meet new students as well. Everyone is invited to attend from all schools in the Okanaghan Valley....Don't miss this opportunity.

Anyone wishing to attend can book their space with Tony at (250) 868-2141 or (250) 718-0329 or email at...

Sign up soon..... This seminar is going to be amazing!

Thanks for helping to set this up BigRed. The last two seminars were awesome. Denis is not only an amazing fighter, he is a great instuctor.

I've already received several bookings this afternoon. Anyone who has attended these seninars now how good they are. Anyone who hasn't attended yet, don't miss this excellent opportunity to take your game to the next level.

ttt for Denis Kang


argggghhhh....I'm jealous.



Last night (Saturday, April 10th) in Seoul, Korea, Denis did it again..... Complete domination of his opponent in Round 1.
Details are still sketchy, I've yet to speak directly with Denis (only through MSN).

In this match Denis was set up to fight rising Korean MMA star (stiker and wrestler), Hyunchul Cho. Cho has a reputation for extremely powerful stiking combinations with the ability to deliver knockout force.

Round 1... Denis circled Cho for the first few seconds and then landed a devastating combination leg kick, jab to the body, followed with a shoot into a body lock and then took his opponent to the mat. Landing in half guard, Denis quickly passed to a full mount where he rained massive punishment down onto Cho. Fully bloodied, Cho turned to try and escape only to end up in a fully locked rear near naked choke.

Denis finished the fight in less than one minute.

Early reports show that the sold out stadium went into an absolute frenzy over Denis' victory..... Fans mobbed Denis as he was trying to leave and blocked his exit for nearly a full half hour. Denis has reached legendary status among his rapidly growing legion of fans throughout Korea.

Congratulations on another solid victory Denis.... Another fantastic win.... Everyone back home is extremely proud of you.

Dont delay........ Book your space today to ensure your spot at this world class seminar with this amazing athlete. Whether your skills are beginner, intermediate, or advanced, Denis will be able to help you take your game to the next level.

TTT for Denis Kang !!

Don't be jealous Joey Fingers...a Denis Kang seminar in "our" neck of the woods COULD be a possibility soon.

I know I'd attend.


Hey Jackyl, bring some guys from P.G. I'll find you a place to stay! I don't know how long the drive is?? I've never been that far north.


I would highly reccomend the Kang seminar. We had Denis up to PG this year and the seminar he put on was awsome. Everyone who attended went away very impressed. From personel experience, that is I've attended a lot of seminars, this is a seminar NOT to miss. You will get your monies worth.
Bill Mahood


TTT for the "not to be missed" seminar of the year !

Looking forward to seeing all of the guys from Toshido and Evolution Academy make it out for this one..... Denis is looking forward to training with all of you guys.

TTT for Kang!

TTT for Jason Darrah,David Lea, and Jason Towns getting your guys out to this seminar....

Going to be a great opportunity for your students.

The last two seminars were awesome. I'm sure that we can expect more of the same with this event. Looking forward to seeing the Evolution, Toshido and Sterling's crew support this event and come out to train with Denis.


how dose this thread, sink below the Temple Kung Fu Quotes???

don't wait too long, as I only have space for 20 and it's over half full.

If anyone from out of town needs a place to stay? call me I will hook you up. 250-868-2141

tony shoot me your email

Tony's email.....

and as of today,

Jason I'm on the way out I will get in touch tonight.