EXCELLENT!!!! just the news I was expecting....
good job Denis!

see you when you get back

Congrats Denis! U deserve all the best.

Big ups Denis

Party at BigRed's on Sunday Denis! Tell Marcus to come. See you there Bro!

ttt for Denis Kang

Congrats Denis, see you on the weekend!!

Oh yeahhhhh!!!!!!!!

Greg...I guess we sort of forgot about this over the phone. I'm super happy about this...damn, Denis congrats bro.

No worries Joe.... The guys know they have your 100% support.

Thanks again for all the gear and clothing.... Production begins on that "video project" this upcoming weekend.


I have an idea for a Kang video...:)

Please tell me it doesn't involve guacamole..... :)


That should be the theme, but no, it's an idea I thought of a few weeks ago, during the long drive back home from London.

I'm organizing a shooting schedule as we speak.... send me your thoughts for the Korean Cowboy...


U wonder how many Horny-Korean-Facial-Asians Denis got after that fight...

LOL..... ;)

Lets see Denis in Pride!!!

Denis in Pride would be awesome!!