Last night (Saturday, April 10th) in Seoul, Korea, Denis did it again..... Complete domination of his opponent in Round 1.

Details are still sketchy, I've yet to speak directly with Denis (only through MSN).

In this match Denis was set up to fight rising Korean MMA star (stiker and wrestler), Hyunchul Cho. Cho has a reputation for extremely powerful stiking combinations with the ability to deliver knockout force.

Round 1... Denis circled Cho for the first few seconds and then landed a devastating combination leg kick, jab to the body, followed with a shoot into a body lock and then took his opponent to the mat. Landing in half guard, Denis quickly passed to a full mount where he rained massive punishment down onto Cho. Fully bloodied, Cho turned to try and escape only to end up in a fully locked rear near naked choke.

Denis finished the fight in less than one minute.

Early reports show that the sold out stadium went into an absolute frenzy over Denis' victory..... Fans mobbed Denis as he was trying to leave and blocked his exit for nearly a full half hour. Denis has reached legendary status among his rapidly growing legion of fans throughout Korea.

Congratulations on another solid victory Denis.... Another fantastic win.... Everyone back home is extremely proud of you.

TTT for Denis Kang !!

Congrats to Denis!!!

Sounds cool.

Also sounds like it would be great for his career to continue fighting in this Korean event. It'll keep him busy, and he seems to have a good fan-base.

The only person in Korea I know of that could pose a problem to Denis is 205 lb fighter Hur Sung Jin, who looks dangerous with his striking judging by his fights in Pancrase.

Kang should run for office in Korea.

GREAT news, congrats Denis !


Denis is a bad man!!!!!!!!!!!

Denis Kang is the Bob Sapp of Korea! Greg, I want a cereal box!

Congrats Dennis on another win!

"Kang should run for office in Korea."

LMAO!! That would be classic. I agree with Daimon Hellstorm, you might as well ride this one as far as it can get you. Hopefully another Asian company will pick up on Denis as well ;-).

Hey Greg I hope things out West are going as good as it has been for you fighters...LOL.

great job denis

hopefully pride was watching this event

Congrats Denis


Congrats dendawg!

Congrats Denis , you are the man!

Nice work Denis. I hope you did not hurt the Guy!

I am shocked that Denis made this fight last so long.(I guess you will have to just train harder..........LOL)

Way to go Brother!! Just shows that all the hard work beating the hell out of me pays dividens. ENJOY the win and see you back in Van.
Bill Mahood

LMAO @ Peak !!!


Winning by jiu-jitsu choke instead of a punching flurry?  WTF is happening??


Congrats Denis!

Kang = UFC

Spoke with Denis last night....

He's having a great time in Korea enjoying the rewards of his victory.

Looking forward to seeing you back in Vancouver this week Denis so we can all celebrate with you.

TTT for Denis Kang !!