Dern said that Brazil is her country in Post-Fight

It seemed like Mackenzie "Rio life" Dern said something like Brazil is her primary country and Portuguese is her first language when asked in portuguese about the translator in the post fight presser.
I could only make some of it out - can any fluent portuguese speakers confirm this?

It's about at 5:30 here:

"I wanted to speak Portuguese for my fans in Brazil. I always say I have more fans in Brazil than in the United States." - Mackenzie Dern

She sounds like one of the dumbest people alive on the planet.

I grew up in the middle of the Appalachian rust belt and every town has a girl that talks like she’s straight out of Compton. 


Same thing. Sub in Arizona and Rio. Ya’ll are trying to make sense of what a woman is doing. When has that ever worked 

She is hot but she is an idiot

I can confirm her dad is brazilian megaton diaz and her mom was a crazy portuguese screaming woman at tournaments. Her dad owns one of the first legit bjj schools in arizona.