Des Moines event Deeds vs Jordan

On 11-17 I will be fighting Demi Deeds 14-4. I know little about him but look forward to getting a win over a creditable opponent.

All I've heard is that he hits hard as hell. Best of luck to ya Joe.


good luck Joe!

Demi's tough as nails. You can watch a video of him fighting Kevin Burns at in the multimedia - video section.

Kick ass Joe.

Unless Demi found a ground game recently he is in trouble.

anyone have a fight card for this event? or where it's located?

Joe Jordan is one of the toughest dudes i know not to mention well rounded. Good luck Joe!


good luck Joe, I hope to see you back in the UFC

What event is this? BTW I think Joe wins this one by sub.

Demi is a devastating striker. I dont complain about fight losses very often. In 60+ fights Ive cornered I got about 3 that I still get mad at. Dax McMillan vs Demi Deeds. That fight was stopped right in the middle of a submission, 'to check a cut'. great fight but Dax got ripped off. it was neat to see a double suplex. Dont see that often. Dax was jens pulvers roomate in college. That guy had some serious potential. Insane potential but he has brains, he's in chiropractor school and I think he left most of his competitive fire on the collegiate wrestling mat. Hats off to both guys, boo on that referee !!!!!!!! lol

good luck joey!!!

ttt for a fight card


Looks like I'll be in the house for this one.

I can't remember the date but I remember watching joe jordan take shots that I thought for sure would kill him, he just smiled and motioned him on Tough dude!



Demi will bring it. He's a bad man but I wish he could get better on the ground and with his conditioning. I've seen him lose several fights late after dominating the early part of the fight.