Des Moines MMA Academy?

This opened not too far from my house about six months ago. Anyone train there or know someone that does? It looks like they have a strong wrestling base and a variety of student, but I've never been inside...


I know quite a few of the guys that work out with the DMMMAA. They are a great school if you are looking for a place to train to be a fighter.
You should go in and check it out at the very least. I think you will be surprised with the level of effort those guys put in.


I am considering checking it out because it's so close, and they have weights, etc.

So, they train primarily wrestling and kickboxing? While I love the BJJ style, I am thinking that being a big guy, I may want to look at the wrestling base and leave the BJJ to the skinny guys... LOL ;-)


i think the dmbjj place has some big guys as well. sirquack would know as well. bjj would help a big man for sure. i wouldnt rule out taking bjj just because you might be big.

josh neer is the main instructor at dmmma when it comes to submissions and he is real good. his base is wrestling and brawlin, but he has trained all over with some very good bjj instructors.

i have also watched josh teach and he is a very good teacher.

the wrestling side is taught by anthony porcelli. he is a national champion wrestler. very accomplished and knowledgable in that sport. you want to get better at takedowns? he is your man.

I can tell you that we do have a few larger guys in class and they do reasonably well in class with us skinny guys. The instructor is a little guy, but he kicks everyones butt.
Feel free to drop in and check it out sometime. There is no charge to watch and see if it is something you might be interested in.


The DMMMA Academy is a great place to train, Josh is obviously a very skilled fighter and Anthony P. can teach you an endless amount of takedowns. Anthony is really good at teaching submissions that chain right off of takedowns. Plus the guys over there have an endless supply of energy.