Desert Brawl 12 Results

Promoter JT Taylor and his local sponsors delivered another action packed fight card at the Midtown Rock Rink & Roll in downtown Bend, Oregon. The Oregon State Police Boxing and Wrestling Commission once again sanctioned the Desert Brawl 13’s only professional fight in the main event.

Several fighters and fight teams made their debuts tonight, one (Tom Smith) returned to the cage after a stint in the US Marines and the two fighters in the main event were coming out of semi-retirement to entertain the capacity crowd. The beer was flowing and the event was broadcast live over the Internet on Desert Brawl TV.

Starrs Cabaret provided the evening’s ring girls: Taylor, Kayla, Phoenix and adult film star Dasha (who was performing later that night at the club). The girls strutted their ‘stuff’, much to the adoration of male and female fans alike, in several outfits…including a butt-less business skirt suit and a sheer nightie leaving nothing but color to the imagination.

Amateur Bouts:
1. Brandon Miller (Samurai Fight Team) defeated Terry Marshall (United Fight Team) by tapout (side choke) at 0:55 Rd1.

  1. Sterling Spring (Desert Dogs Martial Arts) defeated Luke Frankie (Independent) by tapout (armbar) at 0:48 Rd1.

  2. Scott Bowles (Ind.) defeated Brandon Knapp (Ind.) by tapout (choke) at 2:10 Rd1.

  3. Tony Robles (Samurai FT) defeated Joe Zambrano (Team Chaos)

  4. “Rocky” (DDMA) defeated Anthony Zippy (Samurai FT) by unanimous decision after two 5-minute rounds.

  5. Hopi Jenkins (DDMA) defeated Bob Marthaller (Ind.) by KO (punch) at 2:54 Rd1.

  6. Joel Petit (United FT) defeated Jeff Harmon (Ind.) by tapout (RNC) at 0:35 Rd2.

  7. Travis LeBrun (Samurai FT) defeated Jason Beebe (DDMA) by TKO (strikes) at 3:30 Rd1.

  8. Ben Lippold (Team Chaos) defeated Justin Morgan (Ind.) by tapout (strikes) at 1:24 Rd1.

  9. Tom Smith (DDMA) defeated Bobby Blanchard (Ind.) by tapout (RNC) at 0:29 Rd1.

“Bend’s Baddest Bouncer Fight”

  1. JD Stockton (On the Rocks) defeated Jess Nicholson (Starrs Cabaret) by TKO (verbal submission from strikes) at 0:39 Rd1.

  2. Zach Jenkins (DDMA) defeated David Robles (Samurai FT) by tapout (strikes) at 3:46 Rd2.

Desert Brawl Amateur Lightweight Championship
Mike Joy (Marcelo Alonso JJ) retained the DB Amateur Lightweight title by defeated Rob Hisamoto (Samurai FT) by KO (flying guard pass punch) at 1:10 Rd1.

Main Event (professional middleweight bout)
‘El Chupacopra’ Rich Guerin (American Top Team West) defeated Justin ‘The Hawk’ Hawes (DDMA) by disqualification at 3:20 Rd2. Hawes delivered an illegal knee to Guerin’s head while they were on the ground that opened a cut above Guerin’s right eye. The ringside physician determined Guerin to be unable to continue and Hawes was disqualified as Oregon State MMA rules prohibit knees or kicks to the head of a grounded fighter.

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ttt. Mike Joy is damn good.

Mike Joy shocked the entire crowd with his stunning flying guard pass KO of Rob Hisamoto. It was like he hovered over Hisamoto for a split second and drove the punch home leaving his opponent out cold by the time Joy had returned to the mat compeletely.

Rob THE KARATE KID Hisamoto... I remember seeing him fight in Medford VS Jon Gunderson. Man that should be on a highlight real..