Desperately Seeking Dekker

Sincere apologies for the lame thread title. A few months ago, I believe somebody mentioned a Ramon Dekker " Best Of " DVD. If such a DVD does in fact exist, and anyone has information on ordering said DVD, I would truly appreciate the help. Thank you.

Thanks, Adonis. Much appreciated.

Shootfighting, thank you very much. Cool site.

he does have some, i saw them in a european website but they only come in european format , too bad i wanted them too ill post the website later

Im looking for 3 of the 4 Coban- Dekker fights on U.S. format tape or dvd. I have the one where Dekker KOs Coban, but Ive read there were 3 other fights between the 2.I found the European website with the "Best of Dekker" dvds on it but they were PAL format. I would appreciate any help.



Fellas, is there any hope of finding these discs in a format which allows them to be played in America?