Dewees should've beaten Rolon @GQW

Holy honesty Batman !!!!!
If he tried a few more rice-bag throws during regulation time he may have won.

I second that nomination!

There should be a "Sportsman of the Year" for MMA. Eddy would definitely get it.


You have the best attitude of anyone in the sport. I wish I was a little more like you. Hek I wish we all were. It would be a great place to live in. Thanks Eddy and congrats to Edwin.

Nice, Eddy.

Still, I've got to say, points and time limits may be necessary but they aren't what it's all about. You both were competing right up until the end and you got the submission.

BTW, if you watch the video, you can see a guy who seemed to be in your "corner" in the background holding up his watch and pointing at it before you get DeWees back. Looked like he was asking for the time.

Damn I was watching the match not paying attention to the time=). Seriously though what a post! Hopefully you guys can get matched up again sometime soon, that was the match of the night!

I tip my glass to you Eddy Rolon, if our sport had more people like you and ALOT less of the ego filled "I am a badass" tuff guys.

Im not suprised by this post,Eddie's A class act.How's things coming along at the RexPlex.

Hi Eddie - I put your post up on the RITC Forum with this lead in.

Here is a truly classy post from Eddy Rolon that appeared on another Forum. It was titled "Dewees should've beaten Rolon @ GQW". Not many fighters would have made a post like this. In my book, Eddie still gets the win because that's the way that it played out, but hopefully these two great sportsmen can do it again sometime in the future.

That's Eddy.

The footage is available at

Edwin Dewees actually beat me 2-0 in regulation time. I reviewed the video fotage from with a timer.

:06 seconds of video pretty girl with sign.

:18 seconds elapsed before the ref signals the match to start.

1:06 The ref stops the match a little after Edwin Dewees scores a 2 point takedown near the edge of the matted area

1:26 The ref centers us in the same postion and restarts the match.

8:38 the match should have ended here with Edwin winning 2-0

9:42 I get Edwin's back with hooks

9:47 or 9:48 Edwin taps from rear naked choke

I thought I had won with 4 seconds to go. A problem with the time keeping had the match go over by 1 minute and 15 or 16 seconds. I've already talked to Brian Cimins and Grappler's Quest will do what it takes to make this right. Belated congratulations to Edwin Dewees. Hopefully we can do ths again ... with at least 10 minute time limit :) or maybe I just have to learn to work faster ;).

I hope and believe that Edwin and I both gained fans by our submission focused match. I personally dislike points and time limits but understand they exist for practical reasons.


Eddy Rolon

classy eddy


Ive never seen you fight, but you are one of my favorites. Keep it up, man.

never seen me fight ... that's no good. has a little bit of footage from their Jan 26th show in the DVD preview on their site. has only a few pictures and stories from 2001 and previous. Sorry.


Class Act Eddy!!!

Hey by the way Javy wants to know if your match with him went over too? lol, of course he's kidding and said your a really tough guy!

I can honestly say this is THE FIRST TIME I have ever seen a post like this. Or HEARD anything like this from a competitor, for that matter.

You're one classy competitor, Eddy. You do the sport justice.

Class act of the year.

very classy eddy. It was a great match.

ttt for eddy

I think it should be ruled a no contest. They should be paired as a superfight on another show.