Dewitt Davis of Midori Yamma Budokai???

Anyone hear of a guy named Dewitt Davis or his affiliation? Oh, I'm sorry he's Master Dewitt Davis. He's supposedly a 5th degree Brazilian "JuJitsu" black belt, along with a belt in every other martial art possible, which he fused together to create JuChiDo.

Here's his website: (Note the bare knuckle MMA)

From his bio:
Under the MYB (Midori Yama Budokai), Mr. Davis completed his circle of martial arts. He obtained black belts in Jujitsu (5th), Aikido (4th), Korean TKD (4th), Nagara Karate (5th), Judo (2nd), and Tai Chi (Blue Sash).

I'm a purple belt under Jean Jacques and have gone to roll at his place at least four times, but so far to no avail.

Am I dealing with a bonafide McDojo?

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I don't see anything on his page about BJJ or Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. He references Jujitsu, but anyone who equates that with BJJ is confused, not Dewitt Davis.

If a Blue Namer would be so kind:

Again, if a Blue Namer would be so kind.

Here's the front of his card.

He said his students go to NAGA's in Atlanta, if anyone here has ever rolled against someone from his school.

He can teach MMA if he wants to, Greg Jackson doesn't have a BJJ rank either. Phone Post 3.0