DFC 6 June 10th

Fight card to be posted at a later date

So these fights are on a monday?

TTT for me! I need to work on my scary face I see.

Dude, you scary face is about as good as mine. Ghey coughs

I wanted to make it down to that, but i have a golf trip the weekend before it. When are you going to fight in the cities dude?

Regardless of how the fight with Kyle ends up, I'd like to start fighting for Gamst at the myth afterwards. For now, I'm just focusing on the fight with Kyle.

That Myth show is fucking tits dude... Just an awesome production.

So you're fighting Kyle that monday night?

From what I understand, its during the day. Apparently, humidity becomes a problem at night, and it makes the mat too slick. Too bad, I've always wanted to grapple on a slip and slide. On a side note, Noah Inhofer on TUF 3 nukkas!!!!!!!

I saw that about Noah... how come your cracker ass didn't go down with him?

So it's going to be on a monday during the day?

June 10th is a saturday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

yeah, so i can't read a freaking calendar, lol...

how far are you from Brainerd? I'm going to be at Breezy Point that weekend and i'd rather watch Lee kick someone's ass than try to get that small freaking ball in the hole.

I do not know how far it is from Brainard, although I have been to Brainard I don't remember where it is, lol.

Thief River is just east of Grand Forks I think.


<SCRIPT type=text/javascript>

Directions Distance Time
Start: Depart Start on SR-371 Bus S 6th St 0.3 0:01
1: Turn LEFT (West) onto SR-210 [SR-371 Bus] 2.1 0:03
2: Turn RIGHT (North) onto SR-371 54.2 1:08
3: Turn LEFT (West) onto SR-200 [SR-371] 16.6 0:21
4: Turn LEFT (West) onto SR-200 [CR-71] 0.1 < 1min
5: Turn RIGHT (North) onto SR-200 [5th Ave] 6.6 0:08
6: Keep STRAIGHT onto US-71 13.9 0:17
7: Take Ramp (LEFT) onto US-2 US-71 58.5 1:13
8: Keep RIGHT onto Ramp (US-59 / Mahnomen / Thief River Falls) 0.2 < 1min
9: Turn RIGHT (North) onto US-59 35.0 0:43
End: Arrive End < 0.1 < 1min
Total Route 188 mi 3 hrs  54 mins

i'd rather watch Lee kick someone's ass than try to get that small freaking ball in the hole.

Awwwwwwww, pumpkin. I don't know if I'll be kicking anyone's ass, but thanks for the pat on the ass.


Good luck Kyle and Lee.
Both very talented fighters

Butch going to be on the card?

Butch might be on the card, I think he may have another fight on the 7th.

If I knew for sure he would be on the poster, thief river is close to grand forks and Butch is a popular guy. His fight on our last card was also one of the best fights that night with a tko over Eric Hagman.

What about that Tuchscherer dude...? Is he on that card???

The four folks that you have on that poster are all bad asses. What do you have for heavy weights though?

Well I don't know, HA! Hows that?

For anyones info, the DFC puts on a sweet ass show. The fights are very professional, even match ups, nice pay and other compensation, in a cage (Brock Larson's), nice hotel and casino, follows rules well, every thing is on the up and up. The DFC is not for beginners trying to get experience or to see if they "like" it, the DFC put on a good Pro show.

Lee Lohff, yes, work on your best meanie face. Your pic on the poster does not match what you do to people in the ring/cage.