DFW: Chael not afraid of Anderson's 'Tyson aura'

DFW: Chael not afraid of Anderson's 'Tyson aura'

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"I don't ever give predictions," said UFC President Dana White. "But a lot of people don't like Chael or like Chael, whatever the case may be.

"I do believe that Anderson Silva is the greatest fighter ever in MMA history, not just the UFC... He's broke every record in UFC history, and Chael Sonnen is the only guy to almost beat him.

"I think it's going to be a fun fight. It's going to be either an absolute war, or Anderson's going to go out and destroy him quickly, or I who knows."

"The thing I like about Chael, he's nutty as hell, I mean half the s--- the guy says is like what, right? But, he backs it up. When the guy goes in there and fights man he fights. I know this, most guys go in and they're scared, when they fight Anderson. They're intimidated. He's got like that Tyson aura. People are scared and afraid.

"Chael Sonnen is not afraid of Anderson Silva. He's not. And that makes it a completely different fight than anybody else he fights."



Dana is 100 percent correct about Sonnen having the correct mental frame of mind VS AS.

Yes we all know this.

superCalo - Tyson had that aura perhaps against guys 10 years past their time, journey men, and fighters influenced in some way by Don King, but he never had it against top fighters, Anderson does.

who did he duck? No one = 0/10

Anderson's style breaks opponents mentally. Thats his true key factor, next to his amazing talent. Though once he breaks you, your broken.

His way of taunting with his hands down and having the title of "p4p #1" is what strikes that fear and gets in his opponents head. Though I notice he plays MMA like chess, always goading his opponents to strike him, and he always knows the counter he will use. Its truly brillant. The Okami fight was evident, where he knew due to his hand positioning, Okami would throw a punch, and he did just that allowing the counter.

Sonnen goes in there not Caring about his "reputation" and pushes Anderson and never gets intimidated, such as taking his shots and briefly standing with him. It reversed roles for awhile, until Anderson sunk the triangle. Anderson will be prepared mentally for the next fight, and thats why its very interesting fight due to the mental aspect. Phone Post

I think McEnroe could have given Tyson a run for his money...

 Any idiot bringing up ducking after being trounced on the issue 14 times is a glutton for punishment.

^^^ because hes Dana and thats all that matters (to him) Phone Post

LOL we were talking Tyson (his post). Who did he duck? If he only fought old men? As I said I'm NOT a boxing guy.

No one refuted the issue on my thread on the other topic, many agreed BTW. WTF cares, old hat.

No one in MMA has the Tyson aura.

No one.

Closest was Brock right after UFC 100.

Brock at that moment could have sold one million PPV buys versus anyone, was widely considered too big/athletic/too much for any other heavyweight and simply had that IT factor which combined raw power with an insane I'm putting something through you as I destroy you vibe.

Quickly, Brock's was stripped.

However, much like Tyson still drew long after his was stripped; Brock could STILL sell a ton of buys and could still intimidate quite a few guys in the cage.

Anderson Silva is amazing.

So too is Floyd Mayweather.

Neither have the Tyson vibe.

Sonnen isn't Ali.

Silva isn't Tyson.

Sell this however you must but to suggest the former is to deny reality.

The hard sell will be how the UFC pushes Sonnen after Silva spanks him.

A mid-30's wrestler who isn't going to win a title or knock anyone out but can talk like a pro wrestler?

Still no Brock. Phone Post

Since we're talking about Tyson, here's a short vid of him and others (like Snoop Dog haha) talking about the Gracies.