DFW lets it snow in Las Vegas

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                                DFW lets it snow in Las Vegas 
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                    <p>New England native UFC president Dana White was dreaming of a white Christmas this year. Bad news is, he now lives in Las Vegas, and it was 63 degree today. Good news is, there was a white Christmas for the White's anyway.</p>

Dana White @danawhite
Most people want snow out of the driveway, I import it LOL! Sled time!!! Merry X Mas everyone

How about you? Did you have a merry Christmas?

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Only been to Vegas once.... It snowed.

True story. Phone Post 3.0

That's so awesome, I live in Florida and would do the same thing if I had Dana White money.

The disney owned neighborhood/Town called celebration makes it snow in their town square every night of December but its a soapy type substance they shoot out of the top of the lamp posts. It looks like snow flakes while they fall but when it groups together on the ground it looks just like a bunch of soap foam. Phone Post 3.0