DFW responds to McGregor vs. Manny machinations

Former UFC champ champ Conor McGregor says he is retired from MMA. Thus there was confusion when he tweeted "I accept" to a callout from Khamzat Chimaev. That may have been a butt Tweet, as he clarified, again in confusing fashion, but tweeting it again in Tagalog; that's apparently Conor for I accept a boxing match with Manny Pacquiao.

During the long negotiation leading up to his boxing match with Floyd Mayweather Jr that happened in 2017, McGregor used a potential bout with Pacquiao as leverage. And in January, McGregor said it had been a real possibility, during an appearance on The Ariel Helwani Show.

"Manny [Pacquiao], we were actually close to signing [a bout with] Manny. There's been talks about a Manny fight as well. There was an offer made on that. Just not yet. ... nd the Paulie [Malignaggi] fight. I'd like to box Paulie as well. I already knocked him out but that's a bit of buzz as well. Paulie and a boxing bout. I want to box again. I will box again. I will get a boxing world title. I would box multiple times. I love boxing and I'm damn good."

McGregor's contract with the UFC tolls when he is not fighting, and it prohibits competing in other combat sports. However, leading up to "The Money Fight" with Mayweather, McGregor argued that the Ali Act would give him an out of his UFC contract, but that he preferred to negotiate. It doesn't, but McGregor apparently remains intent on boxing.

At the UFC on ESPN+ 31 post-fight press conference, UFC president Dana White was asked about the Manny vs. McGregor talk.

“I think Conor responded on Twitter, he said ‘I accept’ in Tagalog, which is what Filipinos speak,” said the reporter to White, as transcribed by Ryan Harkness for MMA Mania. “He’s obviously under the same management firm as Manny Pacquiao which led to a lot of rumors circulating. So is there anything happening there?”

White asked for the question to be repeated, and appeared not to understand the context, before shaking his head and replying, “I don’t care about any of that s***.

Conor is no longer Dana's favorite son. It's sad.

Dana’s favorite orphan is Fedor

"We were never friends" - Dana

"No live gate, no care" - Dana 

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Lol. That was kind of a ‘fuck you’ from Dana

That would be my feelings on a Conor/Manny fight too

I don’t care about any of that shit

SpunQ -

"My machinations lay unlemanted" - Dana

He has yet to hear the lamentation of the women

In response to McGregor’s tweet “Tinatanggap ko” on August 1, Pacquiao said there was nothing to accept in the first place since no offer nor negotiation was done.
“Okey lang [ako]. Wala naman fixed agreement or close na pag-uusap [laban kay McGregor] (There is no fixed agreement or close negotiation [against McGregor]),” said Pacquiao, 41, to The Manila Times in a phone interview.
h/t Manila Times